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  1. the un-Perm-banning of fred
  2. Cruz's Resignation

    I respect your decision to separate your self from that nonsense. Someone should report him to his country’s police.
  3. the un-Perm-banning of fred

    Don’t unban this scumbag he ruins the game for a lot of people. Constantly breaking rules and evading mutes with alts. It’s time he takes his bullshit elsewhere. #KeepFredricBanned2020
  4. Update Nex Helms

    I’d like to see some damage bonuses added to them, maybe 10-15% accuracy/damage so that full slayer and colored slayers still have a good value. Should be a set effect, not just tied to the helms.
  5. Eco Fix Idea

    Your pretty stupid if you don’t see this game is going to shit. 30 days since launch and we’re down to less than 25% of the player base we had at launch. TONS more items than players. Same stupid mistakes that were made the last several resets. The game is going to be reset again eventually. That’s how Will’s cash grab works. I’m just trying to prolong the inevitable.
  6. Eco Fix Idea

    So eco is utterly fucked because so many items and so few players. New rares going into frags store are pretty crappy (sorry, but let’s be real here) so not many people are dumping their items for rare frags. I suggest we add thok to the frags store. Make them LIMITED STOCK, maybe 2-3, so there is a permanently set number of them in game. Give them a ridiculously high price (100k+ rare frags) to make sure a large chunk of eco leaves the game with each one that enters. This could be done with all kinds of OP gear that NR already has. Zaryte Bow, Ultimate Slayer Helm, etc. it could be repeated in the future if needed as well. Frags store buy values will need reworked as well for this to happen.
  7. Christmas FFA Events - 3 PM EST

    sick timing I’ll be on a flight for the whole event lol
  8. Bear Squad [PK/PVM Clan]

    Bump! Updated clan with recent reset. now accepting new members
  9. Rare Account Names

    I may or may not have sniped “Trippy” for my OSRS main when they did the big name release a few years ago. I had a couple people offer to buy it when I used to play but never really entertained offers.
  10. Near-Reality 2.0 - Important Information

    Relaunch game, rake in the cash. Cash stops flowing in due to neglecting server. And now you wanna reset game with literally the same empty promises that we got 4 months ago? Lol get fucked. No ones gonna play this cash grab of a game after this shit show.
  11. [Broken] Turquoise Slayer Helm

    On top of the 15% damage bonus that should be there, tsh also needs a good defensive buff. There was talk of a deflect chance, reduced prayer usage, and/or damage reduction.
  12. Server Downtime

    holy shit he has spoken. Now we wait on action. Hopefully its not to late, already 20-30 players. :\
  13. What are the plans right now?

    Ah yes a poll booth that’s what we need! Would draw in so many new players and give them a reason to stay! Fuck the countless bugs, server lag, and disabled content that’s just sitting. We should vote on stuff! seriously who decided this was a priority, I want to punch them in the dick for being stupid.
  14. safety in numbers

    Goodluck! Looking forward to some multi bot trash battles!
  15. Ganodermic Runt Pet Hunt!

    #PTFB #RIPELCHAP02019 #BEARSQUAD I didn't know there was a competition but ill take my prize

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