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  1. ALRIGHT HERES THE DEAL We're all sick of the "PKers" that think they're good by killing PVMers. They get 100+ kill streaks with no very little skill simply because us PVMer's ride solo and are rarely geared to retaliate. It didn't used to be this way, and its time we fight back. This is going to be a PVM / PK Defense clan. Our main goals will be to group up at places like revenants, mage arena, or wilderness bosses, to get our fair share of the loot and FIGHT BACK against the PKers. We may occasionally form groups to hunt down 100+ kill streak whales or do small PK trips, but our primary focus is PVM and fighting back when attacked. This clan is meant to be the stepping stone from PVM to PKing. -No requirements, anyone willing to try and help is welcome. -No Discord at this time unless someone wants to set it up Members: Trippy Pureskill304 -----APPLICATION----- IGN: Why you want to join: Where you have the most trouble with "PKers":
  2. Bring back Thok's Sword

    i agree add to frags store, but make them limited stock so there can only be half a dozen in the game period. if eco gets fucked again could always add more
  3. Katana Giveaway!

    gl boys **** #15 ****
  4. Sell Red Slayer Helm (1 in game)

    bump my price added
  5. Sell Red Slayer Helm (1 in game)

    Bump, accepting items
  6. Sell Red Slayer Helm (1 in game)

  7. Sell Red Slayer Helm (1 in game)

    Selling Red Slayer Helm (Abyssal Sire Head) --PERKS-- +15% melee/range accuracy/damage +20% mage accuracy/damage infinite blood runes *****SOLD FOR 2 LIME, 2 BP, 1 BSH*******
  8. New Wilderness Boss?

    i swear to fucking god if u add celestial to the game and them make it only dropped in wildy i quit
  9. Economy, Lotto, Dicing

    I like the idea of an item lottery. Like 1-10b cash per entry, and at 100b they pick a winner. Prize could be a unique cosmetic, or RDI/LDI access. Would be a quick way to take some serious GP out of the game.
  10. Same mistakes that killed the server

    TL;DR: Waaahhh i only get 100m cash for killing defenseless pvmers now You shouldn’t be rewarded for killing people that don’t fight back. Entire eco is fucked because of those cash drops. It’s practically PKP farming the way killstreaks were getting “earned”.
  11. Donations and Other News

    So how much is RDI gonna cost? Another $15 like DI and DIE?

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