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  1. [Broken] Turquoise Slayer Helm

    On top of the 15% damage bonus that should be there, tsh also needs a good defensive buff. There was talk of a deflect chance, reduced prayer usage, and/or damage reduction.
  2. Server Downtime

    holy shit he has spoken. Now we wait on action. Hopefully its not to late, already 20-30 players. :\
  3. What are the plans right now?

    Ah yes a poll booth that’s what we need! Would draw in so many new players and give them a reason to stay! Fuck the countless bugs, server lag, and disabled content that’s just sitting. We should vote on stuff! seriously who decided this was a priority, I want to punch them in the dick for being stupid.
  4. safety in numbers

    Goodluck! Looking forward to some multi bot trash battles!
  5. Ganodermic Runt Pet Hunt!

    #PTFB #RIPELCHAP02019 #BEARSQUAD I didn't know there was a competition but ill take my prize
  6. PVMers That Fight Back [#ptfb]

    10000% Declined.
  7. El chap0 out.

    Peace out chap0, shits been fun as hell. I'm sure we'll cross paths again ALSO I got the fucking GANO PET like 5 mins after u left you missed it
  8. PVMers That Fight Back [#ptfb]

    It’s ok man. I’d be upset if I wasn’t allowed in this awesome clan too.
  9. PVMers That Fight Back [#ptfb]

    What are you even talking about? If you’re not in the clan we’re not going to let you take our kills at revs, simple as that. Join, leave, or die. We don’t hunt pvmers, just kill them if they’re gonna compete with us for drops. It’s the wilderness not a safe space.
  10. PVMers That Fight Back [#ptfb]

    didn't I clear you 1v1 @ Callisto for your t6 when you tried to come get get you a "free kill"? Pretty sure I dropped you on your big nose with morrigans + korasi? at least thats what I remember. "ez clearing"
  11. Trippy’s Suggestion Thread

    Because lazy why else Javelins should at least have longer range. Even on long ranged they only go 3-4 spaces.
  12. Trippy’s Suggestion Thread

    SUGGESTIONS - Add a bank booth to ::rdi and ::rdi2 - Fix pathing when running around the outside corners of the wilderness resource area - Change tradepost to use coins instead of tokens - Fix combat zone for Kraken. Player is in multi combat but boss in in single, making you kill the tentacles first. - Increase attack speed for Morrigan’s Throwing Axes - Increase attack range for Morrigan’s Javelins - Allow combination of Max cape with low tier capes. (Ava’s Accumulator, Fire Cape, God Capes). With or without stat boost, could be cosmetic. - Allow autocast of god spells with TSOTD, SOTD, and SOL.
  13. ALRIGHT HERES THE DEAL We're all sick of the "PKers" that think they're good by killing PVMers. They get 100+ kill streaks with very little skill simply because us PVMer's ride solo and are rarely geared to retaliate. It didn't used to be this way, and its time we fight back. This is a PVM / PK clan. Our main goals will be to group up at places like revenants, Ganodermic beast, and wilderness bosses to fight back against the “PKers” if they try to stop us. We may also hunt down the 100+ kill streak players who think they run the wilderness with overpowered gear getting 100+ killstreaks on PVMers. REQUIREMENTS - Must join CC and Discord. Voice chat required. - Must participate, if you are found to be "leeching" you will be kicked from the clan. Do not join solely for protection. - No Multi-clanning. This includes not fighting back against PKers because they're friends, etc. EVENTS Events are setup by members in Discord. Main things we do: - Revenants - Ganodermic Beast - Duo/Group Wilderness Slayer - AND OF COURSE WHALE HUNTING! Members: Trippy Robichaud / Robichaud Jr Iamabear Rubber Ducky Black Lemons / Satan555 Fe Squad Pulverrized My New Acc Shackel Muffin Maxed99 Failmuch lil monk33y Airchino32 Clue Scroll ------APPLICATION------ IGN: Do you have/use Discord: Main reason you want to join:
  14. Bring back Thok's Sword

    i agree add to frags store, but make them limited stock so there can only be half a dozen in the game period. if eco gets fucked again could always add more

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