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  1. Flux Recruitment Thread

    support for the bois
  2. Same mistakes that killed the server

    +1. NR may not be the most populated server out right now but with the player base we have and the server intended to be PvP oriented the wildy is almost 100% dead, minus a few PvMers and one clan. That one clan also spends most the day PvMing to have money/gear advantages over.. Pvmers. I do feel the killstreak system needs rebuffed slightly & i'm not even someone who will probably ever see a large killstreak. I feel the wildy bosses also have very weak drop tables overall resulting in no one even wanting to fight them, which affects both PvM & PvP based players. I'm not saying we should expect 100m per giant mole killed, but some of the bosses could use a slight buff in drops. The target system feels wonky with the wildy range thing, It also makes bounty teleports useless which removes a gold sink from the game that could very easily be in high demand.

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