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  1. [750M OSRS] Road to Completitionist

  2. First Comp Cape?

    me and pets were pretty much neck and neck, however, he wasnt going for the prize money anyways. I was only a few torstols away from getting it when he got nulled anyways.
  3. Flux AKA Womens Tampons Night Out Ft. Rain/Randoms

    I asked cayleb to clear the thread because of you fanboying all over it, thanks for the looties babe.
  4. [750M OSRS] Road to Completitionist

    Kind of an unfair advantage to the people who have already started to go for it before the competition was annoucement, but nonetheless good luck to all.
  5. Flux AKA Womens Tampons Night Out Ft. Rain/Randoms

    1v6 because you left ur teammates behind, you niggas still died dont act like you havent planked 10+ times to just me in the last 3 days
  6. After holding the rev caves for 3 days straight Rain PK Leader "Itz Geo" decided enough was enough and charged our soldiers head on all by himself! Unfortunately his confidence did not pay off. During a scouting mission lead by Rain Leader "I Drop" They noticed that Flux Leader "Nolimit305" was killing 1 of their pvm slaves trying to make money in the Flux Caves and decided to hit him, unfortunate to say that the entire wolfpack was on standby and Rains only Focuser dies for max while their leader run, in 0 risk After a valiant attempt to dds spec me on 75 hp with protect from melee Moderator(Or Admin?) Spank kisses the floor courtesy of a 55 ags on his robes Casius aka big boi ragger thought he could take on Near Reality's #1 Dh pker A few more attempts of rain trying to retake the Flux Caves #Flux - Kings of NR
  7. New Wilderness Boss?

    YES, we need to add more bosses to get older items back into the game.. They need to make slayer helm work in the wild also, add another boss that drops nex items, I understand they want the eco to be better, but lets be real its already fucked. They need to make nr like how it used to be.
  8. Fix your fucking game

    They have multiple dev my nigga, its been over a week and nothings been done with it? This was obviously a probably in the beta do but is still not fixed? Like my nigga stop dickriding ur not getting staff
  9. Fix your fucking game

    Every fucking time torn hosts an event, trying to follow him wherever he goes I get loading please wait and have to use ::home or ::die to fix it, then again when I come back same thing, loading please wait. This happens in multiple places in the wilderness, it's happened to tons of people and is by far the most annoying and biggest bug on the server. I've been trying to get to cerb over 30 minutes now for my task and I just can't do it. Loading please wait everytime, reload client, re download, NOTHING works. Fix this bullshit, it's been over a week.
  10. Account Security Giveaway!

    lmfao ur such a fucking loser
  11. Account Security Giveaway!

    np torn im big safe now
  12. granite maul lol....

    Nerf its accuracy? Are you dumb? It barely even hits as it is now...
  13. Flux Recruitment Thread

    With the increased activity in the wild we've decided to open up recruitment for Flux. We are currently the most dominant force on Near-Reality. Clearing Rain multiple times and forcing them to return from the Lumbridge graveyard in nothing but untradeable void gear and rune crossbows. Our clan is an all around type of clan, we hold revenants daily, hit up the ganodermic beast, host in clan events and giveaways, and most importantly we PK 24.7 DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS TEAM IF YOU ARE ONLY LOOKING TO BE PROTECTED. THIS TEAM WAS MADE TO DOMINATE THE WILDERNESS ON NEAR REALITY Application Format Ign: Timezone: Do you have discord/mic(Mandatory): Provide a picture of your return sets Mage/Range: Do you prefer to pk with Range tank or Mage?: Do you have any previous clanning experience?: Do you have a referral from a member+?(Elite+ will be an auto accept): Tell us a little about yourself: Example of Return Sets
  14. Same mistakes that killed the server

    Week after release, but the server has been in development for years.

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