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  1. Bring Back Elves!

    Ayeeee bring em back! +1
  2. E-Kit Guide

    So he has! DIdn't know it existed haha
  3. E-Kit Guide

    Just a small suggestion, include the special items you can create with an e kit and it's combinations? Great guide tho Example : USH & Zbow.
  4. Donation Refunds

    I sent my proof, why did I only receive partial points back and not a full point refund? SO far i've only received 50% lol.
  5. Small Bugs

    Small Bugs : *Top Pkers : rank 1 is overlaped by more text.
  6. Small Bugs

    is anybody reading this? lel
  7. Small Bugs

    Hi like to keep this private and up to just post small bugs and glitches i come across. Currently using . *Can Not use antique or dragonkin lamps on Construction skill(Even after buying a house) *Aquanite shows no drop log on examine *Loyalty Titles does not display title equipped. *Granite Ring is nulled *Drop Table look up doesn't allow typing *Item search doesn't allow typing *Client crashes when trying to explore the "Extend" tab in slayer rewards. *Legacy Shop doesn't register my donate points.(Cannot buy anything) *Loyalty titles + vote rewards does not work on Sir Vyvin *Cannot access Lowe's shop @ ::shops (Talk + trade not working) same with fat tony(@ shops) *Cerberus has no attack animation or cannot attack normally and constantly spams special attack. *Gamepack.jar won't allow resizing. Spoiler contains the error notes that pops up. Tried deleting all cache and re-downloading multiple times.
  8. Effigy

    Dragonkin lamp interface is broken, can't use lamp to select skill for xp reward.

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