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  1. Just @crucio

    @crucio @Iron Stine
  2. Just @crucio

  3. Quality Content

    I still need to do that manscaping.
  4. Where you at Kevin?

  5. Where you at Kevin?

    Kevin's irl name isn't even Kevin, it's Harrison. Smh fake.
  6. Where you at Kevin?

    Haters will say it's fake, but i don't even know what photoshop is. #blessed #manager #betterthankev
  7. Rabbis retirement

    Thanks for all the time you've put in, best of luck.
  8. Planned Maintenance - 4th September 2019

    Ok no problem, thanks.
  9. Kings Of NR

    I have done as asked.
  10. Moving on

    Thank you for everything you've done, i'll never forget the time i saved you and your entire bank from a lure. Thanks for keeping it real, stay in touch.
  11. Hi guys, Here is the list of the top 32 pkers after the first week of the season, I'll be posting an updated list every week for the duration of the season to keep you informed on your positions. More information about this month's competition available at: Happy PK'ing gamers! 1. Wanderlei - 1375 2. Eso - 1293 3. Ray Donovan - 1281 4. Aznfightah - 1230 5. Leader V1 - 1188 6. Fooooools - 1170 7. Woods - 1149 8. Pulzar - 1144 9. Maxim Xd - 1110 10. Buzzyboi - 1109 11. Swett - 1106 12. X5 - 1101 13. Store - 1099 14. X Olev X - 1098 15. Spaceglider9 - 1098 16. S6xty - 1094 17. Hater - 1085 18. Thebeast - 1083 19. Pets - 1077 20. Fantastics - 1077 21. 241124161 - 1076 22. Sm0k3 a 0p - 1071 23. X4 - 1070 24. Teoreetik - 1068 25. Cause Havok - 1065 26. L2pkkid - 1065 27. Schackel - 1065 28. Rev Juna - 1060 29. Criz - 1058 30. Virtuality - 1057 31. Black Lemons - 1056 32. Simplify - 1054

    Hi Psy, I've clocked probably several 100 hours into an ultimate ironman, mostly from the last version. It is not an easy account to play, it's extraordinarily difficult to manage your space without having any death mechanics to make looting bags worthwhile. There are no "storage" places for the account as such, so there's no place to deposit or leave your items to collect at a later date. There is no costume storage for clue rewards or cape racks to store capes when not in use, there is also no pet storage, and very little ways to get rid of pets without dropping your entire inventory to ::empty them. It is not an account that you can participate in giveaways on, nor can you "win" anything from said giveaways to have transferred to your UIM account. It is a very challenging account to play, and i believe that's why there are not many active UIM accounts. Were any of these bugs reported, if so i apologize and i'll get on to it immediately. If not, we don't expect the staff to have exceptional memories to jot down every time someone has a suggestion or but to report. We try and utilize the forums as much as we can for bugs, if you weren't asked to do-so, i apologize and would like to hear more about these so i can make an effort to correct them. 3 of our entire selection of clues are wilderness based. We also have 3 skills that can give clues extremely quickly, as they're a 1 in 128 chance to receive. Fishing, mining and woodcutting are all exceptional methods to gain clues, if you happen to strike the wilderness step, try a new one. UIM accounts are in no way designed to be for PK'ing. Yes, a few of our completionist cape requirements require activity in the wilderness, there is not much we can do around that for UIM. My advice would be to make a group of friends or join a clan and patrol the wilderness looking to finish your achievements. As for the 0gp protection value, some items are intended to be that way. (Elysian has 1gp prot value to make camping it in the wilderness have a risk associated.) We have a method to get the pouch for UIM, as you have said. I cannot control in what order you achieve your gear or at what rate you start earning risked wealth. None of the staff team or management team have a way to speed donations up. They are processed by an outside company and can take up to 72 hours to process. We unfortunately have no way to tell how long it's going to take nor how much of a delay there is. Some methods are slower than others, why, i do not have an answer for. We have just assigned a wiki rank to another person, if you are genuinely interested in the rank, please either forums PM me or discord pm me (Cayleb#4417) a small bio/application about yourself, and i'll happily sit down for an interview with you. I heard your concerns, and i hope the answers i've provided give you some relief. Please reach out to me if there's something more i can do. Thanks, Cayleb
  13. Happy Story With Sad End

    You'll be missed immensely, thank you for everything you've done for NR.
  14. well of goodwill

    This is exactly how it already works, 1M gp is the minimum you can donate. Thread closed.
  15. Combing all color slays?

    Hey, We already have the ultimate slayer coded into the game which is all of the slayer combined, it was a top tier item from last version Whether or not our plan is to release it or not, I don't know. Thanks, Cayleb

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