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  1. The Pride

    Big arms deliver big fax, it's just fax.
  2. Kinda curious...

    I started at the end of 2008 I believe, became a moderator in 2009, was on the team for 8 months or so, quit when it closed and didnt return to any NR remakes until 2017, this remake.
  3. shmeee mee shmoo mooo

    You the type of dude to pretend you have small arms to lure girls in to a false sense of security when in reality you could decapitate them in a single blow.
  4. shmeee mee shmoo mooo

    Chap0 the type of dude to buy off brand cola because "it tastes better".
  5. Cruz's Resignation

    While i'm not exactly invested outside of my friends resignation, I can't help but to comment. If your managerial positions aren't capable of keeping a level head to begin to fathom why a supposed pedophile shouldn't be allowed to return, then i'm really sorry, but you're all well and truly fucked.
  6. Cruz's Resignation

    I'll 1v1 you at wave 58 of the inferno, world 388 osrs, lets fight.
  7. Cruz's Resignation

    You are the epitome of a caring, thoughtful person.
  8. Cruz's Resignation

    Big respect, you made the right call. @ me on messenger, we'll get beers if you're down this way xoxo
  9. Crikey, I heard you were incarcerated... hello
  10. Bandos Avatar update

    Hi, As the others have said, the avatar will never be reverted back to an afkable, safespottable boss. If you wish to see it changed, please get together and create a suggestions post and discord PM me the link and i will make sure that it's discussed and considered. Thanks, Cayleb
  11. rip cayleb

    It was moreso the fact that i get a PM from 4 of your clan members, "this game is shit" "i'll take 30 members from this game" "fix it", rather than a PM asking why it can't be done. When i retaliate and tell you the reasoning it hasn't been changed, you ask me if i'm autistic. You guys beg for unbans for the relaunch, and then do yourselves 0 favors when we launch, and wonder why 70% of your members end up IP'ed due to repeated rule breaking. I'm closing this thread, if you wish to discuss it further, you can forums or discord PM me.
  12. Hi Aeo, Name changes are not a possibility at this point, if the account already exists, I can help you recover it tomorrow. Thread closed, thanks, Cayleb
  13. My biggest concern.

    Hi Fires, I appreciate the post, and acknowledge your concern. To hopefully put your concerns at ease, I would consider myself close friends with my entire staff team, the majority of us keep in contact through other means (FaceBook, snapchat, etc). With that being said, I don't have an issue reprimanding where needed. I've demoted very close friends before, yes it sucks, but it was a necessary change for the game. I am a simple and straightforward person, I don't like to be messed around. My team knows very well that if they are to step too far out of line, then their rank is in question. As for the mismanaged sections, you are correct. There are decisions made about the game that I don't control, and don't necessarily agree with, but this is just a norm in businesses, you're not always going to agree with everybody. All I can really do is try and assure you that I will manage and maintain every aspect I possibly can, to ensure we have a smooth and problem free launch. I can't force you to come back and try it, nor do I expect you to. All i can offer you is my word that this time it'll be better. Thanks for the post, i appreciate the feedback. Cayleb

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