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  1. Relaunch Updates | 9th November 2019

    so just wanted to make sure but since the tp will be able to buy/sell for gp or tickets now, will it convert coins to tokens if you sell over max cash worth of items that you put up for "coin" sales?
  2. Relaunch Updates | 9th November 2019

    the rich stakers did all the time, i usually bought most of the items every time they would dump them. but your also right a majority of the time tp prices were no where near realistic values.
  3. Relaunch Updates | 9th November 2019

    is divine ss back in game?
  4. Cosmetic deathcape upgrades.

    it doesn't have to have a stat change tho could be a cool use for other capes like listed to give them value for people who want and can afford cosmetic stuff
  5. Cosmetic deathcape upgrades.

    would be dope but doubt it would happen couldnt even get a cosmetic version for a 600$ custom even if they removed stats..
  6. Trading post poll

    im all for removal make ::trade great again!
  7. Let us

    i agree, and the vote store could use a rework for sure
  8. Some Suggestions

    does that mean that divine ss will be back ig aswell?
  9. Some Suggestions

    i agree with the adding of nex and other powerful gears, and i also would rather not see them in donor store. gotta have more powerful ig only content. for the removal of bp from donor store id personally think its fine cause with raids and such being added and " having all osrs items that come with raids" would bring back tbow so it wouldnt be the most op range weapon ig. for the rest of your ideas +1
  10. NEEDED updates.

    love you too bby
  11. NEEDED updates.

    my reason for saying we are owed an improved ldi is not just cause ldi people donated so much, its the fact we were told that it was going to be made better, and for some people that could be the reason they got ldi. so if you think the owner of near reality doesn't have to keep his words when they say "this specific update is coming" and yes your right it is a donation. but this server and every other rsps would not exist with out them. and the potential to make more money is always the goal for rsps owners. as far as it being reworked on test server the only difference is that on the test server ldi still looks like it did in the last version having bandos avatar there and no slash bash. so i wouldn't call that "reworked" as for #2 this was claimed to be fixed well before dread went mia. and to a point a few of the styles were fixed just not all of them as claimed. my main point behind everything here is hopefully jacmob and the new devs dont rush things out to have server half ass running by dec 1st. im sure myself and many other would rather have everything that was suppose to be finished in version 12 and a few new things added before version 13 is released.
  12. NEEDED updates.

    there is ways to make some money ig yes, but lets just say there is 1-1.5t cash ig between all the players this wipe, would you not agree that there was more then 1-1.5t worth of items at the prices before the news on the server shutdown? and im not sure if you were playing when the eco crashed for the first time from jbear and it was due way more items then cash ig.
  13. NEEDED updates.

    that may be true but if it doesn't then he wont get more money from momoe and i. so i mean it would be in wills best interest. but if none of it happens ohh well server will die again likely alot quicker tho
  14. NEEDED updates.

    i can tell you tho yes there is a large sum of cash ig right now but its the same large amount being passed around through staking. there was probably 700-800b cash ig in total,
  15. NEEDED updates.

    to say it isn't a priority is dumb. when the owner of a server says this is whats coming and absolutely none of the things he said were coming have come, before a complete reset is beyond crazy. if the server comes back in December and hardly a thing is changed it will end up just like it did but in even less then 3 months this time. i would rather wait longer and have the sever actually come back with the updates it was suppose to have in "v12" then for it to be rushed out again.

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