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  1. Game Updates 13.0.25 | 25th February 2020

    never said it had to be done the second you were made aware but im sure there was no time in the past 7 delayed days to do it.
  2. Game Updates 13.0.25 | 25th February 2020

    considering this is 100% directed at me. i specifically pmed you within one hour of last weeks update being released that you forgot to do the frag shop. your response was "ohh fuck me" like you were going to still do it. next day still no update, by this time any players that cared and 99% of staff knew that a update that is done on a bi-weekly basis wasn't done. Yet still procrastinated until the next update to do anything. my respect is lost when people say one thing and do another. " This week 2/4/20 , we bring to you the Skeleton set! The head, body, and leggings will be sold for 750 Rare fragments, and the gloves and boots will be sold for 500 Rare fragments. Get selling to Hatius Cosaintus at ::trade! They'll only last for two weeks!"
  3. you have litterally done the same thing tho. Bear Squad? there is always a new clan coming and cleaning out the bored old clans on here. seen it a few times this reset alone
  4. Game Updates | 19th February 2020

    what raids? we dont even get our frag shop updates on time..
  5. Brawling Gloves; Other Skilling

    its a cape made for people who enjoy skilling and don't pvp. i get why you would want it to be more "realistic" but there is actually people who can and have grinded out 2b all skills without any exploits ect. its not meant to be a cape that any regular player that's on every weekend ect. its for the people who are willing to throw the 5 months worth of ig time to the server. there is always the option for people to just get a comp cape as it takes way less time and is a better cape than the 2b cape stat wise. It would be a spit in the face of the people who grinded all that time for 2b xp in all stats to make it drastically easier for other people to do it. If you look at the high scores there is plenty of people who are not far off from it. i do 100% agree that the brawlers should last longer tho, if i remember correct its around 200 uses then they break, momoe would be the one to answer that. my suggestion would be make brawlers last at most 2x as long as they do now.
  6. Brawling Gloves; Other Skilling

    the 2b cape isnt ment to be easy to get. but i do think brawlers could use a upgrade
  7. Broomba

    love +1
  8. frag shop

    not really the point dont say the frag shop will be updated bi-weekely if it wont.
  9. frag shop

    so why is it friday and still no bi-weekly frag shop update. all staff and devs are aware that they forgot to do it so why hasnt it been done its been days now come on.
  10. ham rules

    lol people would stop adking if it came out on time or any of the times it was promised
  11. buying rares

    sorry no thanks prices are firm and updated! finished all my sets so prices have lowered.
  12. Game Updates | 19th February 2020

    frag shop update l0c
  13. j

    i love watching the "old" pvp kids on the server crying on these posts keep it up!
  14. Wiki editors

    rich get richer smh +1
  15. Buying and Selling Donations

    i agree with this minus buying the stuff ig to get rdi/ldi. as somone could simply spend 1k then give tickets to alt accs over and over. other then that great idea

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