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    We need you back in order for the wilderness to relive!

    Fans =]

    It's just an idea for now slime... We can obviously work around the prices, WE JUST NEED THESE UPDATES ON PVP OR THE SERVER IS GOING TO BURN CRASH AND NOT WORK OUT.

    It is my Duty to better our PVP [Player Vs. Player] Community!! So i will be making a lot more threads to hear your views on prices in the economy and the PK Shops! Are you looking for any Barrows gear? Not bothered to PVM for it at ::Barrows? Do you PK but short of Sets? Here at the KGB Agents store you can find yourself a range of PVP Barrows Armour!! Below is what KGB Agent offers. There is a range of ways of obtaining these items! Either by PKING, or by Killing Revs @ Rev Caves. Pking @ Edge, will give you a bunch of PKP's ranging from 100-1000 Pkp, hence, if you're broke, you can just use your PKP to purchase gear! Another good reason to PK!! CURRENT --- NEW--- ORIGINAL PRICES IN PKP SHOP FULL BARROWS SET - 2.5k PKP BOOTS - D Boots, R Boots, I Boots - 2k PKP Each WHIPS - B Whip, A Whip, Abby Whip - 10k, 1.5K, 15K PKP AMULET - Damned, Fury, Ranging, Occult - 5k, 5k, 30k, 30k PKP AMMUNATION - Racks, DTA, HC Shots, D Javs - 10, 50, 50, 50 PKP Each ORIGINAL PRICES IN ECONOMY FULL BARROWS SET - 10-20m Coins [2.5m - 5m Per Piece] BOOTS - D Boots, R Boots, I Boots - 10m Each WHIPS - B Whip, A Whip, Tent Whip - 50m, 10-15m, 50-100m AMULET - Damned, Fury, Ranging, Occult - 50m, 5m, 100m, 700m AMMUNATION - Racks, DTA, HC Shots, D Javs - 25k eac, 1m eac, 1m eac, 500k eac Now, the point of this thread is... These prices do not match the current economy, 30K for a ranging amulet when i can purchase it for 200m max? Why would i spend a whole week trying to PK for a ranging amulet which is probably useless in-game..? What i'm trying to say here is that the PKP Shops need a revamp BIG TIME!! The PKP Shops are sitting there useless.. 2K PKP which is maybe 5 kills at Edgeville, when i can just purchase them for 10m from the trading post? The effort to put in to buy them is a waste of time.. THESE SHOPS ARE THE REASON WHY PKING IS DEAD If they are fixed.. If the prices in PKP matches the Economy, then we have a reason to get down and dirty, but if a new player comes to our server, PKs for the first time, realises it takes 5 days of pking to achieve a fury, they'd be put off! WHAT THE PRICES SHOULD BE [KGB Agent PKP Shop] FULL BARROWS SET - 1k PKP [250 pkp each] BOOTS - D Boots, R Boots, I Boots - 200 PKP Each WHIPS - B Whip, A Whip, Abby Whip - 1k, 500, 1.5K PKP AMULET - Damned, Fury, Ranging, Occult - 200, 1k, 500k, 2k PKP AMMUNATION - Racks, DTA, HC Shots, D Javs - 10, 50, 5, 20 PKP Each [CAN STAY THE SAME] I believe this is reasonable, the PKP Store will most defo match the Economy, Making it easier for people to PK and Purchase supplies When needed... WITH THESE PRICES AND UPDATES!! I CAN GUARANTEE YOU MORE PEOPLE WILL ENTER THE WILDERNESS KNOWING IT'S CHEAP TO PK!
  5. The Pride

    The pride opened, the other clan disappeared.
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  7. Wiki Updates | 29th January 2020

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    You're not Luckybamf?
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    Make a thread in the suggestions page. I totally agree and vouch for this. Those NPC's in LDI/RDI that DI or DIE players can't get too, maybe place them somewhere in the wilderness, and let it be riskier to kill obviously, but the benefits are still there.
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    Basically focus around PVMing in the wilderness? Add new bosses? Drop rates lowered? And so on... That way, it's easy for PVMers to make money, but at the same time have the obstacle of pkers killing them. I agree.
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    Brother, we need more activity in the wilderness... If we have an active wilderness, other clans from other servers will want to join.
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    I have no issue with the server, i'm on nearly everyday. But the staff need to start getting everyone to vote more while in game, votes can be done twice a day.... So that means, if 60 players are online, and they at least half of them to vote, then that should push our ranks up to make it into the top 10 servers.
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    You actually made a very good suggestions page which i very doubt was looked into by anyone. ::thread 30707 this should be bumped. 100000x's
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    Why isn't anyone working on advertising the server for players? @Staff.... Do voting events. Stop working on Raids. It's taking up a lot of time, It doesn't seem like it's coming anytime soon. You're spending so long on a game content for a server with no players..............? Pointless. Focus on the bugs and issues on the server as it is now before adding new content. There's a bunch of suggestions with good ideas that could/should be implemented into the game to raise activity. It's mad lol.. Seems like the owner of this NR remake doesn't give a fuck compared to Drax and others...
  15. some peekays

    El Chap0 is shit. LOL.

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