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  1. Just @crucio

  2. 1800downed's away time

    thoughts and prayers in your time of need my friend. looking forward to seeing you return to full health!
  3. Just @crucio

  4. Near-Reality Staff Updates | October 2nd, 2019

    its a video game. smh
  5. Near-Reality Staff Updates | October 2nd, 2019

    yikes. asshat
  6. vote

    x4 pkp then. or x2 blood key drop rate
  7. vote

    i suggested a few days ago that we look into having redeemable books in the store (tradable or untradable, can be debated) that you can redeem for either x2 pkp, x2 xp, orr x2 drops. like 2 chances at the drop table. not necessarily x2 drop rate, but have 2 rolls on every kill. each of these with a 1-2 hr timer on them just like the x2 xp when you redeem votes. can also discuss whether the x2 xp on redeemed votes still applies, or leaves completely. also, its a no from me for the slayer heads in the vote store.
  8. Simple Crystal Key Fix

    orrrrr fix the key halves drop rate? make tooth halves more...common? or just as common. it may say they are in the drop tables, but i think theres something broken in the coding for it. needs a closer look
  9. Near-Reality Staff Updates | October 2nd, 2019

    sad to see these 3 leave. :/ but in order for aussie to be promoted to admin, they had to make room for his big ass head also best of luck to Pagan. hope she gets well soon!
  10. Near-Reality back online!

  11. ight

    dear lord. im crying. crucio kills me lmfao
  12. Impossibility of Completionist Cape

    kill the pkers too. theres people that hunt pvmers
  13. Impossibility of Completionist Cape

    I mean theres plenty of people that have done it with the way wildy is. there is always someone in revs. find em. kill em. just like we did
  14. Cow Pet

    sure we can name it Kinderdeath!
  15. Ganodermic Runt Pet Hunt!

    Karam overlord pouch eh? Lmao. gz

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