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  1. Rabbis retirement

    good luck irl bud! gl with the wedding!
  2. How to save nrpk... (critical post)

    too many staff yet there are dead hours. makes sense. they're trying to add staff from all over to cover all time zones.
  3. Buff daily's

    I've seen other servers with multiple daily tasks, and even weekly ones. I could see this being a good thing. wildy ones to maybe make it a tad more active, wildy ones would have to be more rewarding imo. I've been looking around on other pk servers. gonna be making a thread myself for some suggestions. just experiencing other communities and people is real good for ideas.
  4. 2500 PostCount.

    hell na, shit gets fun when this date comes inb4 people look into this date too much and dk what we're talking about
  5. 2500 PostCount.

    you're forever a fat ass jad Sep 13, 2019
  6. Game Updates 13.0.17 | 19th August 2019

    thanks dread and staff team! neat qol updates
  7. Droptables

    i'd personally like to work with you on some of these that aren't done yet. and maybe get a look into the wildy ones. I was talking to some friends that are on a different server and they'd given me some great ideas. @Cruz
  8. Iron Man Blowpipe 140ish KC

    niceeee pvming from here on out will be butter!
  9. Prayer Book Change Proposition

    I was all for this when it was first brought up. but after thinking about it.. yeah it would be good for pvming. but a bit broken in pvp.
  10. Prayer Book Change Proposition

    Nr only custom prayer book. reee
  11. Game Updates | 12th August 2019

    nice! good looks dev team!
  12. Near-Reality Staff Updates | August 9th, 2019

    could have made it yourself before you resigned.
  13. Near-Reality Staff Updates | August 9th, 2019

    gz everyone! I had a feeling mark would come back, temporary or not.
  14. Moving on

    my boo! ;( good luck irl!
  15. Managerial Transitions

    glad to see Cayleb back. High hopes for whats next. also welcome to the new devs! excited to see the work.

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