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  1. Game Updates 13.0.22 | 28th December 2019

    Juan and Ham, y'all the best
  2. Uimpsy's Arcane Giveaway

  3. Nex droptable/mechanics

    that's why i polled it. i however am intrigued by Hermoines comment
  4. Nex droptable/mechanics

    I would be more than happy to relook at its drop table. I know that Cruz had some changed to almost all the drop tables ingame that never got pushed. I'd also like to get that re-looked at and potentially pushed. What other drops would you like to see on Nex's table?
  5. Nex droptable/mechanics

    rates changes were included in an option I wasn't gonna vote as its a community poll. but i wanted rates changed and either 3 random drops or top 3 damage.
  6. Nex droptable/mechanics

    Hi there NR community. I'd like some community feedback on what we should do with Nex's drop table and it's mechanics now that we made it more team oriented. Poll ends this Monday! so vote vote vote! Near-Reality Staff G-Mod 1hitncya
  7. Veteran Status

    accumulating loyalty points ingame
  8. gz boys. @Devyn the lone ss.
  9. Game Updates | 18th December 2019

    good work Dev team!
  10. Appreciation 1800downed

    Can confirm, he is not gamer blitz.
  11. Appreciation 1800downed

    especially after everything he's been through IRL. big gz Paul. we all love you
  12. Bandos Avatar update

    i do not agree with it being safespottable and afk. it was already nerfed. i have yet to do it since the change, but i do not believe it being safespottable was fair in the slightest
  13. slayer pet change made it useless

    i would willingly extend all boss tasks, if being on a task gave you a higher drop rate. thats the only way to make bossing while on tasks worth it... unless they're the ones that are task only.

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