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  1. signing off- rubber ducky

    Its a sad day when i log in to near reality check my friend list and log right off, It's been fun, it's been real... Cya till restart or some attempt of running a server. Forever and always, Your lucky duck -Rubber ducky.
  2. Deg Armor & Weapons / Item Sink

    if the drop was 1 in 3k you wouldnt have that problem thats why its pointless your taking it as a personal attack when its constructive criticism
  3. Keep us in the loop?

    can we get a weekly update? not like a content update... but hey what are you working on kind of update. show us that you guys be hide the scenes arent just leading us on. the last "update" we got was a few snip pics of raids... and the new wilderness zone. Update us please. keep us in the loop
  4. Deg Armor & Weapons / Item Sink

    the point of deg is that its not loss on death when in ur inv -1 for the part of making it stronger, too op, make deg peices a 1 in 2000-4000 drop id agree +1 on that idea point 3 is pointless, unless you make it where you use 5 deg items on make it deg i (kept on death not in ur inv) i like the idea but not really sure if i like the way you'd like to go about it.
  5. Slayer Pet & Wildy Tasks?

    yes because it grant exp
  6. Slayer Pet & Wildy Tasks?

    you can only get a slayer pet when gaining exp which wildly slayer does not.
  7. Bank Sale

    Offers in cash only pm if u have items to exchange Items sold:
  8. Near-Reality back online!

    still can't get passed the 20% connecting to web server message....
  9. buy d pin for osrs

    wrong section
  10. Goodbye ma frenemies

    Good Bye, will miss ya
  11. Cow Pet

    if u get a pet for cows we should get one for nomad and fanatic and goblins.
  12. We the Players

    i never got the chance to see ldi sorry can't really comment on it if you give further feedback i can quote it in the original post.
  13. Impossibility of Completionist Cape

    3 people got comp this week LUL
  14. We the Players

    share your thoughts!
  15. We the Players


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