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  1. Account Security Giveaway!

    np torn im big safe now w00
  2. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    He's doing the back end, while you do the front end Are you about to have a threesome with NR
  3. QoL Poll

    Herblore pet is a massvie yes, and i think resetting pets would be beneficial because then people would have to grind out the new additional benefits instead of automatically acquiring them however i see why people would vote no for that
  4. PvM Poll

    All Seem like solid suggestions for pvm QOL , looking forward too raids if they pass
  5. PvP Poll

    Tournaments could host like 1 07 per week [amount varies on hm commision you all make and chip in] 1 Cash Per Week/Month etc 1 Custom Per Week as to not flood the game with my custom items [cause ill win them all] Rest could be normal ffas, mbox items NRGP etc NR wild is painfully op like every weapon his 60 so i think limited all customs is a good shout And can you please not tell people about my residential home in lumbidge u doxer
  6. Pet Benefits

    If benefits are removed from pvp then I'd be interested for unique perks off pets, would give incentive to grind for them
  7. Cosmetics

    Half are kept on death, half aren't so why not just make them all kept on death so i can style on people in flippers and c'wars armour Small QOL change : - )
  8. Video Competition

    loc is magebank
  9. Final One Claimed

    Ticket killed green bombs and we killed geo at gdz but apparently the killstreak glitched and stayed so, guess we have to try again xD
  10. Final One Claimed

    This may come as a surprise but for the 600th time we don't have a team, I pk with ticket and if we know people we'll have a sesh with them, and if I'm going to multi vs you like yday and you all max out your scouts/alts in tank range spears (which happened yday) I'm not taking this multi shit seriously. We've had our 10 kda and 100 kill streaks we do it for action now. I'll solo Dh bomb 200x for 1 kill because you have usually 3x the people. Unfortunately some of your members seem to think we're taking multi seriously and we're trying to win 2v6 xDdddddd It's fun I literally don't care if Carlos from central Mexico on his tank range alt flames me, bants init wo0o
  11. Final One Claimed

    Lag misclick disconnection lag DC misclick lagging help lag
  12. Final One Claimed

    Within 24hours of vowing to claim the killstreaks by any means necessary @Ticket, the final noble warrior has fallen Look forward to the next ones xo
  13. 2 Days..

    whats your loc, multi bot turned pvmer then gave up :PPPPPPPPP This is the state of the wilderness on NRPvM, hopefully they'll give some wilderness incentive after seeing how plank it is in 2 days, what you doing - trying to flame in cc every time yyou're on, what's that gonna' help - Other than boost your ego, come on bruh
  14. 2 Days..

    we ns!
  15. 2 Days..

    escapes are zzz, if it didnt take me 2 days to get like 5 kills i probably would : P : P

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