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  1. Boss pets

    i mean more content has been pulled from the game than added in the last year so yeah might as well get something original
  2. Boss pets

    Add effects to boss pets
  3. Pins

    Id do 3.3m ea for the rest
  4. Pins

    Update: 13 pins left pm me here or on discord to contact!
  5. Pins

    Someone cant read
  6. Pins

    Selling 23 pins osrs 5m ea discounts starting at 3+ pins pm me ingame or post here Thanks!
  7. Staff Update 2/4/20

    Very nice. Psy was a good one sorry to see him go. Hope he still plays.
  8. crystal keys

    Huge support.
  9. Game Updates 13.0.24 | 4th February 2020

    Very nice update! Keep up the good work as always!
  10. Mysterious emblem

    I agree it is too low, but I also think that it shouldn't be so high that new pkers are deterred from getting one either. Maybe 150m or so would be better could be polled I suppose but I don't think it should be viewed as a money sink either.
  11. Mysterious emblem

    +1 agreed or maybe make them buyable for 5m? and not worth any bh points as a t1
  12. Boxes?

    I want to say that limiting the distribution of boxes until a solution is found would be the best solution but at the same time the only way to get an infernal cape is either gano or boxes.... It's a double edged sword but the more that are handed out the worse it will be.
  13. Boxes?

    It's no secret that people love mystery boxes, but I've started to notice what i would consider a problem to me. I suggest that the drop rates of zenyite jewelry and Cerb boots be increased to reflect the usefulness and rarity of the items. Simple as that it appears to me that 90% of them enter the game through boxes and not actual grinding. Either they should be removed or made rarer. Perhaps have more than 20m cash in the boxes and less rare items promoting people to trade and grind bosses instead of hording boxes for the best and hardest to obtain items. Just food for thought.
  14. What's up?

    Glad to have you onboard!
  15. Advertisement?

    Oh yea until you buy 48,000 antique lamps!

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