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  1. higher donating

    can we get a $600 option and a $1000 option?
  2. selling bp and lime

    make an offer
  3. i'm looking to buy 10 dpins

    11mea. what can they get me in terms of nrpk?
  4. a $600 option

    if this is done you'll get an easy $600 from me.
  5. a $600 option

    make it happen.
  6. a $600 option

    I hope they do this, or i might not donate.
  7. Game Updates v13.0.3 | June 26th, 2019

  8. a $600 option

    i hope they do this.
  9. legendary rank

    how to get it, and how much does it cost, and what are the perks.
  10. best in slot 1h melee weapon?

    how much better is it than p2h? is it fast?
  11. thoks or lime? which is better for pvm?
  12. a $600 option

    it would be awesome to have a $600 option for donating.
  13. best monster to pvm as rd?

    Thanks. will we be able to multilog?
  14. what's the best monster to farm as respected donor? and is thoks sword bis? what's the bis gear?
  15. donation perks.

    and it's gonna be a spawnserver right?

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