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  1. Upcoming Development Blog

    game freezes when telleing into new spots having to use task mang to close the client and reload this on the list?
  2. Beta Testing

    prob be taking the day off on the first
  3. Elo and Ranking System

    you noobs out there nrpking and we stuck here like this
  4. Elo and Ranking System

  5. Did the staff know?

    Damn cold blooded af lool fuck you all
  6. Rare collection

    ween hook a mfer with white phat
  7. Moving Forward | Important Information

    I hope by the end of May we can provide further details on what we will be bringing to Near-Reality, we have a very well planned budget for future advertisements, and when the time is here, you guys won't know what hit you! Stay tuned for more information as summer time gets inevitably closer. glad to see this honestly the server needs little work Its great just needs player base and I hope the advertisements gets us there we all needs osrs bots spamming nearreailty love that's where the players are and come from right
  8. i like this ideal even items kept on death should throw some cash like b ring I torso voids etc. nothing crazy 20-50m depends on the item not sure if this would be a hard update but would bring some needed cash ingame and maybe some more wildy activity
  9. Buying Dpins 07

  10. Buying Dpins 07

  11. Careful who you trust.

    im your friend
  12. vote

    i know this is not the first thread on vote tickets in game but It would really help getting ppl to vote knowing they could get nrgp in game for voting while getting us closer to the top of the lists on sites iv been gone a week or 2 and the player # has went down just in the time I was mia we need to be more like trump and on the news every day all day or everyone can get on osrs and make auto typer pures spamming some nr love that might work too im going to vote right now
  13. [PVP] NEW Bounty Hunter!

    deff needs some love items cost too much not enough people in wild to even get a damn arma set :\
  14. Selling 2x Golden Feather

    ill take one sir

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