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  1. breaks on death

    im behind this sept the d deff n fire cape =p
  2. godbow

    already has been no def lvl req for the lime but u need 99 def for god bow
  3. godbow

    godbows shouldnt have a def req they arnt overpowered ccb with onyx hits just as hard and almost as fast limes were once 99 def req but are not anymore bring back the no def lvl req for godbows plz
  4. Mysterious emblem

    +1 should be in next update thanks
  5. Game Updates 13.0.24 | 4th February 2020

    feels good
  6. LDI Prayer

    wut is ldi

    obvi we won we had iron vs pvm
  8. #kys

    i shall join the chap0

  10. LETS GO BIG!

    im in
  11. Cruz's Resignation

  12. Nex droptable/mechanics

    i voted for the first why if player has max gear he earned it and uses it to get drops right
  13. Deg Armor & Weapons / Item Sink

    i like this
  14. vote

    i know this has been suggested before but vote needs some love and vote tokens that would be tradeable would be the way to go add some items to vote store like leg super m boxes items that are some what hard to obtain ingame for big vote tokens like the god cape i slayer boss heads leave some feed back near reality needs some votes question do the rsps sites reset votes??
  15. New Lead Developer

    welcome sir

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