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  1. 1800downed's away time

    Good Luck!!! I hope you get better soon.
  2. Brace Of Etherum

  3. Impossibility of Completionist Cape

    I still think there should be two separate comp capes, one for pvm and one for pking. Achievements for the pvm community and pking achievements should be separated.
  4. Just a Show of hands

    Literally just people who stand in the bank and message people on the server lol.
  5. Just a Show of hands

    I was just wondering with the current amount of people that play on the server, who comes to near reality for what. 1. I know there are a lot of people who come strictly for the Pking scene. 2. Plenty of people are just here to pvm, me being one of them. 3. There's the whole staking community. 4.And the people who bank stand for a living. 5. Other, maybe there's something else people are here for who knows. Just reply with the number you think you fit into and maybe suggestion to make the thing you like better. Thank you guys for your time.
  6. Cow Pet

    Hey, Think about it you are killing cows for that dope lime whip and suddenly there is this calf following you around because you killed its mother. make it like 1 in 25000 and it will give all those no lifers another reason to grind kills. It doesn't need to have any special ability or anything just a funny little troll drop instead of getting that lime whip. There are already baby calf models in the game so its not like you have to make a new model or anything. Please think about it,
  7. Client issues

    I love this server Its my on and off game where I can just chill for a few hours when i'm down. I wanted to play today and found this huge client issue that makes it impossible for me to play and I don't see any fixes listed anywhere except to have someone teamview into my computer and fuck with my files. I personally have information on my computer that I don't want to share. So i think this might be the end for my Near Reality career. I love you guys and I love the server but I just don't trust anyone but my wife on my computer so thank you guys for all the enjoyment you have give me over the year. If you are running a server that people donate money to. Who would want the fix for you issue to be letting a dev fuck with your computer. I donated 1100 dollars to the server I expect when click launch from a client that is coded to play the game for the game to start. If you had a client that was working. Why would you take it down before the new client was fully functional for everyone. I just cant trust a random stanger to go on to my computer to change shit. This I'm sure will push new players away as well as old ones who have invested hundreds of dollars into the server. I recommend you fix issue and quick. Thank you.
  8. Owning PVM

    Username:Kinderdeath Combat lvl:126 Slayer lvl:99 Have ::di or ::die - ::RDI Drop pic(Optional): Will u respect NR rules: Duh not losing mah monies
  9. Aimed at PVMers

    I play the game to relax and pking get's my heart racing and I prefer just chilling.
  10. The Future

    Will refunded credits count towards rdi if it is still available?

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