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  1. Near-Reality Staff Updates | August 9th, 2019

    Sad I don't get a staff update post
  2. Moving on

    Hi everyone, My time is up. IRL commitments and leadership differences have pushed me out sooner than I would have liked. I'll miss the lads on the team that I have tremendous respect for and Pag for being my patrón the whole way through. To those that are happy to see me go, fuck you.
  3. Flux Weekend Pk Trip Ft. Dead Degenerates

    shit thread I didnt even die
  4. Your first day?

    2-0 lamf0lol0@lfhajjdejs
  5. Your first day?

    Establish myself as the alpha dher
  6. yo

    But I never left?
  7. A Player's Perspective

    Thanks for the thoughtful feedback- we appreciate hearing player priorities. Certainly going to be looking into most of these ideas (although some are already underway )
  8. Max Gear Guide

    capes tho homie
  9. Sell OSGP

    I can vouch as well, I trust Store.
  10. Welfare Vorkath Guide

    Very nice. Should be helpful for newer players (minus that USH LOL)
  11. All Skilling Pets Obtained!

    Well hot damn is that impressive. Nice work!
  12. New prayer

    prayer doesn't go down at rdi
  13. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    Oh its a beauty
  14. Update on Downtime

    Juan is in workhorse mode

    Did this mans really say e? LOL 1.5

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