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  1. boss teleport command

    or even ::imafaggot or ::kms
  2. Advertisement?

    its like a new generation of hopeful players getting dreams n expectations crushed realising that this exact thing happens every 4 months. like litterally THE EXACT SAME THING like its full weird how litterally the exact same posts are made by the same owner and different players every reset.
  3. Armor Dyes

    might aswell hand out gay pride flyers while ur at it. dont even play but nty
  4. Game Updates | 21st January 2020

    I agree with u it should be 1gp value but ur reasoning is retarded.
  5. Please add this back in game

    +1 would make me come back n bring all my friends
  6. #kys

    ytb let me in
  7. A different kinda suggestion

    i dont understand what u mean at all so gunna be waiting.
  8. A different kinda suggestion

    not rlly rdi n ldi r special bonus rewards u get if uve donated a certain amount of money, its fine that they dont have pins. whats the point of donating 400$ or 1k$ for a rank that u can only get by doing that if they then add a way to get that rank without paying anything?
  9. A different kinda suggestion

    n0 rdi n ldi dono only pl0x. n remove all the ldis from the lotteries.
  10. Ganodermic items

    lad all the banners litterally say "the best pking server"
  11. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    ngl it feels pretty op that rdis can safespot the gwd bosses with infinite prayer
  12. not to be rude but ur overestimating how much people care
  13. HYPE

    yesh vry exciting

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