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  1. Cosmetic deathcape upgrades.

    Bitch, im not saying drop everything and do it. Im saying it could be cool in the future.
  2. Cosmetic deathcape upgrades.

    Also to help remove limes from the game, a lime death cape =]
  3. I think it might be nice to give a use to some of the more useless capes in the game. The mythical cape and the spirit cape are two of the most useless that are also fairly rare. So why dont we give them a use? Combine them with a Death cape, one of the bis capes behind comp and some others. The mythical cape and the death cape could make a nice white death cape. The spirit cape and death cape could make a nice ghostly death cape. maybe even throw in a fire cape to make a red death cape? Maybe even weeds to make a cool weed cape? =]
  4. [Notice to Anyone] Server Lag

    The host migration was delayed because the dev that was preforming it ghosted, now benb has to do it, it doesnt seem like rocket science to figure that out...
  5. Just a Show of hands

    Im here to watch that last star of hope in peoples eyes fade as a tb them at mage bank, then teleport inside and come back a few mins later to say hi.
  6. Highest Priority Suggestion

    I see you havent played in years, blood ffa is gone. max ffa, mbox faa, hybrid ffa all replaced it and are fun =]
  7. Screen Capture Competition!

    Oh damn im gonna win this for sure, I have had the best experience at vork for the last week!!!!
  8. 1. self explanatory: 2. Also self explanatory:
  9. Allow us the expand the latest post section to check out more than 5 of the latest post. Just a Qol thing, when i get on i like to look at whats been happening on the forums, sometimes nothing sometimes a lot, and im to lazy to go to each section lol.
  10. Voting Priorities

    Good idea +1 To add to it, it may be nice to add other incentives also. Double Exp is nice but to those not going for 2b in everything somewhat useless after the first week is over. So maybe add a choice or a variety of bonuses. For example: 2-5% Dri, slight but enough for people to vote on atleast one sight real quick to get a chance at that lime cow. Could also add in something pk related like pkp. Instead of new bonuses we could just make votes a tradeable currency, although this could bring a lot more stuff into the eco for the rich who can afford large amount of tickets off the bat, and if this happened i would want voter points wiped to prevent a large influx of them coming into to eco at once. As for the vote store, why not add an hours of ::bank or some donor rank commands for a decent amount of points?
  11. Slayer Master Teleport

    +1 gets annoying when you are trying to get hellhound or blue drags and are constantly switching masters.
  12. staff

    I mean if 1-2 staff on then that should be fine, if you need to report someone the forums has a section, if you need a mm you can wait 5 mins for them to finish the mm they are doing?
  13. Where you at Kevin?

    Only reason this is fake is that there isnt 25 thoks in the pic.
  14. Where you at Kevin?

    No zammy brews? Have you even played the game???? Also the uneven number in the set items bothers me
  15. Where u at Posin

    Alright mark, you didnt have to kill both of us.

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