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  1. Account Security Giveaway!

    np torn im big safe now
  2. Same mistakes that killed the server

  3. Big sale

    Sale for cash or pins only Selling 4x thok* golaith gloves 3x pernix* set blowpipe cele staff
  4. Who is your favourite

    favorite staff member would have to be paganesque, she gets stuff done and actually replies to pms
  5. Thanks for the HP Event!

  6. twisted bow / dragons arrows

    the twisted bow should be somewhat better than only hitting 58 max hit without double hits.
  7. Vh joins thk but still get clapped

    the event been over long ago and you guys are still teamed. If that is not joining then idk what is.
  8. Client Issues

    thank you
  9. News Post 11-4-18 didnt let me upload on existing post so i'm posting here and showing my loots too 7000 kc total
  10. News Post 11-4-18

  11. drop tables

  12. The post I didn't want to make today

    sad to see cayleb go
  13. Donation Refunds

    Total Donated (Since April 2017):$190 I have already received the first 25% of my refund (Yes/No):Yes
  14. Poll 20/03/2018

    I agree with s00per l00t, eco reset will lose a lot of players. Why not keep these players and just advertise
  15. selling di pins for nrgp


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