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  1. Moving Forward | Important Information

    Awesome to see you being more involved in the community! We've missed you!. I'm looking forward for the future updates and the future advertisements! If theres anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask! I'm excited to see this server grow back into one of the top rsps's out there. Much love, Zilly.
  2. Alpha Chads - New Clan.

  3. QoL Poll

    third, catwicks a plank Nice ideas, although i really don't want to lose my pets
  4. PvP Poll

    I don't believe that all custom items would be limited, only some. There are quite a few that have already been nerfed, and it my opinion it has made pking a better experience. I don't think osrs or cash should be rewarded in the event that someone wins, I believe it should stick to nr related items, cash or pins. Team pvp events sounds very interesting, random of course. The last thing we need is team nub vs team criz.
  5. PvM Poll

    I believe a custom raid would be a good addition, i however don't think items should be risked during the raid. Not only would that promote trolls to lure things to kill people, it wouldn't be very fun to participate on an ironman or a uim due to the item loss mechanic.
  6. Aimed at PVMers

    My reason for not pking on this server consists of more than one reason. 1.) You shouldn't be able to hit 100 with an ags. Ticket has confirmed this is possible. The combat needs reworked on spec weapons. If you are good at 1 ticking specs, the fights over. 2.) The pking community is toxic. The constant flame and the superiority complex Socio discussed is a big reason most players don't dare enter the wild. You can't even 1 item without being gang banged. All for the pkp and ep drop. You see players running around getting insanely high killstreaks, talking about how good they are at nhing when all they do is attack pvmers who not only can't anti pk, have no desire to because the people rushing them are an entirely different skill bracket. 3.) My personal reason is because the majority of the pking scene consists of nhing. I can't stand nhing. I can tribrid and hybrid, but I don't care to switch prayers. It's doesn't have an authentic feel to me. Not only is it full of nhing, but it's full of people who are almost perfect at it and do it all the time. I stand no chance up against lucky, or ticket, or criz and others so why try.Being able to avoid 80% of damaged switching prayers is not something I enjoy Dharok fighting and zerker gear fighting are fun to me, but only when there's people actually doing it. I don't want to sit there and advertise for a half hour.
  7. Godbow

    that kc tho
  8. Godbow

    gz man
  9. RIP Computer

    Hit me up on discord Jere, i'm a computer technican irl.
  10. torn67

    Nah just kidding, he's a cool guy
  11. torn67

    Nice, guys a try hard
  12. Cosmetics

    Fix the non centered logo on client first pls.
  13. Selling 33 Pins NRGP

    Wow very nice
  14. Game Updates | 3/26/2019

    ^ is that roo or stupluto
  15. Game Updates | 3/26/2019


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