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  1. Brace Of Etherum

    Make it so you can check charges on bracelet of etherum
  2. Highest Priority Suggestion

    Fix FFAs. Also, re-add the Scythe to donator store and i'll legitimately donate a hefty amount. Without these i don't feel like The Reaper anymore, and this don't feel like NR anymore.
  3. Selling full royal

    Post offer or pm me ingame
  4. Kings Of NR

    Sending a warm welcome to our first member
  5. Kings Of NR

    Post pic of stats and royal
  6. Kings Of NR

    Post here to apply for Kings Of NR skilling clan. Requirements: 2000+ total level, must own full royal Please post proof of both upon application. Member List: Mug The Plug/The Reaper - Leader Cayleb
  7. Game Updates 13.0.13 | 10th August 2019

  8. second kill of the day

  9. yo

    wb fam
  10. Ree

    *rees so hard i open up a black hole* *rees so hard my face melts* *rees so hard i instantly learn calculus* *rees so hard i turn into a glass of OJ* *rees so hard time stops* *rees so hard i grow another arm* *rees so hard i cease to exist* *rees so hard i ree*
  11. Im back boys

    Check out this ree and a half
  12. Im back boys

  13. Buying

    Buying all ree's

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