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  1. Cow Pet

    Must be named cowabunga though, lmao +1
  2. New Lead Developer

    I look forward to see what ya got in store. Hope it was worth the wait!
  3. The Future of Near-Reality

    Cheers! Thanks for the update!
  4. Voting Priorities

    +1 This server could benefit from small things, like this, that alot of the more active and higher player count servers have in place.
  5. Raise the Cooldown On yell

    -1 the cooldown currently is 15 seconds. The person you are speaking about is being nice and using it every 30 seconds. Stop your crying.
  6. NR Player age poll

    Pretty interesting stuff
  7. Nommy

    I am baaaccckkk. Lets get these gains in. Been too long. If we used to play back in the day go ahead and add me in game.
  8. CALM DOWN :)

    Tbh spam post, also its not even under the correct section.
  9. Me when maxed but cons is bugged

    Right??? Figured they would have initiated this by now
  10. The Future

    RIP near reality
  11. Poll 20/03/2018

    So if all that happens could we also ask for more transperancy. The main thing I have noticed that gets to the players is saying you are going to do something on a said date or time and then not following through with it or delaying it.
  12. thats what u get

    I need a backstory
  13. Poll 20/03/2018

    True story. Got close to 100 I would call that good tbh
  14. Poll 20/03/2018

    Exactly! I’m all for an eco reset tbh, was against it at first bc I just got decent gear and bank but if it will help the server bring in more players by all means reset the eco and push out these much needed updates all at the same time!
  15. Poll 20/03/2018

    +1 absolutely agree with everything you pointed out

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