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  2. Buff cash drops

    +1 agree
  3. Bounty Hunter Rework

    all i gotta say is ew
  4. Lamps for life

    nice man
  5. Near-Reality Staff Updates | July 15th, 2019

  6. Introducing myself

    hey bud
  7. Custom Items

    Username: Redsalmon23 Total spent: 625$ Custom item: Druidic third age set, but if not possible Skeletal set? im not sure if it can be a set or just 1 item so let me know.
  8. [750M OSRS] Road to Completitionist

    its on
  9. Game Updates | 14th July 2019

    Thanks alot
  10. Updated Price Guide

    godbows dont seem accurate, see people selling arma for 10b and others atleast 3b lol
  11. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Username: Redsalmon23 Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): ye i do Are you an experienced NHer?: more hybrid but i can do it Rate yourself as an NHer 1-10 : 6-7 Do you have any clan experience?: a little bit Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: was apart of another clan years ago, on a different server "blackup" Recruited by: just seen the thread and wanted to join

    what a god nice
  13. Blowpipe

    Selling one ingame for 3.5, shoot me a pm. along with 12k scales
  14. ayyy post count achieved

    so op
  15. Decent Pure Account.

    how much?

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