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  1. Account Security Giveaway!

    Torn my dude I been big safe for years
  2. Ability to check task

    I'd prefer it back in the quest tab. Idk why that was removed.
  3. Few suggestions

    Support both of these. Also, bank placeholders would be awesome.
  4. First Godbow in Game?

    No. I've seen 4 or 5 so far. Bandos godbow from bandos, Bandos godbow from nez's, Zammy godbow from zammy, and arma godbow from arma. Those are just what I saw so far I'm sure there's more from when i was afk or offline.
  5. A Proper Near-Reality

    I welcome these changes. Thank you. Just spent roughly 200 hours in the past 2 weeks grinding PVM and working on getting comp cape, and hundreds of hours in the past before I got deployed, so it hurts to hear all the achievements and stuff will be reset... but I'm eager to hop on and try to be the first one there in the new version of NR. Thank you to the whole staff team and everyone that's worked on this server. Keep doing good things.
  6. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/26 - 6/1

    Yeah guess who's still at zammy. This guy. 2600 kills since I last slept.
  7. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/26 - 6/1

    Yeah I'll be losing this one too, not for lack of trying. I've damn sure put the hours in. 12+ Hours a day non-stop pvm and only got to ss 2 pets. 14+ hours at zammy yesterday, 24+ hours already still up still at it. 2300kc in one sitting. No damn pet. Lol I'm about to rage.
  8. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/19-5/25

    Has been 1 pvm arena in the past 24 hours I've been on been asking for it all day with staff members on and nobody would start it. Also, rigged af. Getting 20-30 points per game and a twisted bow costs 10k, that'll take like a year to get at this rate of 1 per day.
  9. Moving Forward | Important Information

    Make NR Great Again!
  10. Oh hey, didnt see ya there

    Hey saw you in game, welcome back. i too am just returning from around late 2017 trying to learn all the new stuff. lmk if you need anything.
  11. Update on the Updates

    Thank you for the update on what's going on. Keep it up.

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