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  1. @Meridians

    From the chandelier
  2. patch tuesday

  3. @Meridians

    u little monkey hihihi
  4. The Pride

    Agree with both LOL
  5. j

    Can anyone explain me what is trying to be achieved here? I'm not even talking about these posts lol, but pking in general, the killstreak/target rewards are still complete shit after the nerf months ago and nothing was ever done to rebalance them. Wildy PVMing is also complete shit to the point that regular PVMing is the best money making but still worse money per hour compared to 07. This server is currently dead and what's really cringe are these clans thinking they good af when y'all still didn't realise that you are competing in such a low a pking bracket that calling it paralympics would be an honor. So my advice to any of you is quit being toxic and use that energy to learn something new, like pking.
  6. Wiki editors

    5% of NR donations

    Tbt UN Courtesy of @Digi22
  8. PFH Clan recruitment

    Bear in mind, they can't pick up your loot.
  9. Game Updates 13.0.22 | 28th December 2019

    So the drop rate buff never worked in LDI what a fucking joke loool I'd be ashamed after all this time since that rank got released... Good job Arham for noticing that flaw!
  10. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    It's ok, but sad since it's the only form of socialization this guy has... You need attention, we understand that and if trying to get any kind of reaction from people on a runescape private server forums helps your mental health I'm happy with that knowing it's 1 less people calling the suicide line
  11. divine ss

    Such a cool story bro, that's what every single clan claims they have done xD BTW goodluck for this release and hope you enjoy your stay in BBE, mass recruited clan of pvmers, rule breakers and full of spies. Don't get caught up in the web!
  12. divine ss

    I don't think I ever spoke to you, so I'll assume you're just another butthurt player that jumped in the hate bandwagon just because.

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