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  1. EDM Fans?

  2. Near-Reality Staff Updates | July 15th, 2019

    The first staff update that didn't disappoint me, congratulations!
  3. [750M OSRS] Road to Completitionist

    Atleast people who have those ranks donated or contributed to the server through lottery, meanwhile people who have "bug tester" and other low ranked staff members that shouldn't have access to those are freely abusing them.
  4. That's pretty hypocrit... that is exactly what your clan has been doing since, being toxic in game and forums. Another reason why Cayleb had to come and clear the clan recruitment thread. This is an example of the PMs I receive on a daily after I kill your clan members.

    This has been an issue I've been trying to fight for an year now, mainly because the major events like HP, Headhunter and drop parties were always hosted at ridiculous hours for EU players and only half the player base (americans) would have a chance of getting bank loot which is super unfair. Currently we have high ranked staff members from EU like Kevin but it still didn't change a thing because I think Torn and Pagan prefer to host the events themselves bringing us to the starting point...
  6. Buff onyx (i) ring

  7. Account Security Giveaway!

    And I hope y'all really set a 2fa and bank pin, the chances of you being hacked is really high because there are leaked NR databases out in the clear web. There is a guy manually looking for rich accounts to search them in the database to hack your account.
  8. Account Security Giveaway!

    np torn im big safe now
  9. Same mistakes that killed the server

    ye go fuck yourself, next.
  10. Same mistakes that killed the server

    For some reason I've made this post in the "Rant" section. I didn't make a fancy extensive post with solutions to each problem because I don't want to waste anyone's time including mine until I have the confirmation that our suggestions are gonna be heard and put into work.
  11. Same mistakes that killed the server

    You are just assuming every kills were obtained by everyone that way.
  12. Same mistakes that killed the server

    I didn't say it was, I just meant that pvming is more profitable compared to pking. Even thought someone with 50 killstreak generates more cash, you can get 4x that value in items pvming.
  13. Same mistakes that killed the server

    I've been following NR development for quite some time now, I personally have given my input and gathered alot of ideas with the help of my clan. This server isn't new, the only thing this relaunch brought was a few tweaks here and there, a rework on some aspects of it and broken content that isn't even operatable. Meaning it is nothing entirely new for us to be more understanding.

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