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  1. Just @crucio

    All this jealousy... Let the man be, he moved into bigger better things!
  2. New Lead Developer

  3. Rabbis retirement

    Good luck with everything pal!
  4. well of goodwill

    Uhhh isn't it how it works already?
  5. Greatest Moment

    gratz on 60k posts
  6. Coming for u @rain!!!

    That guy pmed me that the day he got kicked, he never spied for us, you think that was one of our spies? xD
  7. Coming for u @rain!!!

    Don't act like you know shit, you kept kicking your members because you thought they were spies, meanwhile we always had access to more than you can imagine hahahah... But don't worry, don't let that paranoia kill you, this is just a game and we are not getting any further with this "spying", unless you want to. I strongly suggest you just take the L and chill out.
  8. Coming for u @rain!!!

  9. Coming for u @rain!!!

    Aren't you the guy who got kicked from Flux because they thought you were a spy? Ouch
  10. xd

    S P A S T I C S A R C A S M
  11. xd

    This would be the case if there was only one zombie.
  12. xd

    Did you read the rule? Try again.
  13. help

    Missing occult, completionist with mage cape 2, arcane and I'm not sture about the staff

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