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  1. New Lead Developer

    I assume this new Dev has broken arms atm?
  2. Goodbye ma frenemies

    Literally every NR player ever. Hahahaha
  3. Trade Post Command for LDI/RDI

    See no reason why not. +1
  4. Selling OSRS Gold

    Boglagold selling at 0.61 Aribagold selling at 0.59 Might have to lower your asking price.
  5. [Resigned] Sldmark

    #1 4ner
  6. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Sick Ironman bro, keep it up!
  7. How to save nrpk... (critical post)

    This is all so true. Also well done for actually suggesting some changes.
  8. call me mr 10k

    LOL crazy RNG.. Whats the disk even worth?
  9. Wildy Slayer Box Table

  10. How to save nrpk... (critical post)

    I barely see anyone actually suggesting a fix. Saying "It's broken fix it" is not at all helpful for the staff team.
  11. How to save nrpk... (critical post)

    Unfortunately with an Economy server you are always going to have this problem in the modern RSPS community since OSRS release. The only servers with complete out and out pking activity are those that have an Eco purely driven from Pking. Clan activity can certainly be increased though with the use of bloodlust and other PVP tournaments/incentives. A functioning Clan Wars with prizes could be something worthwhile here. I actually think that there is currently a decent range of Wilderness NPC's. Drop tables could definitely be worth a look at to improve but you need to help the staff team by actually giving suggestions that they can work off. Don't forget about the potential Gano beast upgrade that is apparently coming. Eh, Pking gives plenty of rewards IMO with PKP, Cash, Random drops, Statues.. etc. NR has unfortunately always had an ECO problem. It is very difficult to fix once it has already become an issue. I haven't experienced any game breaking bugs since I returned at least. I fail to see how this could be an issue. As long as their are active staff members on the team and nobody has become stagnant in their role then the more staff the better IMO (Within reason ofc). The only current issue with staff IMO is the timezone gaps but recruiting staff from new areas of the world would sort that issue. In summary if you really want to help you need to come up with proper real suggestions rather than just stating the overall fact of what you feel is wrong. Otherwise it is likely that staff will just ignore your post.
  12. 2500 PostCount.

    Gz on having pets that I prefer more than you.
  13. 2500 PostCount.

    HA Goodluck
  14. buying osrs gold

    Aaaah assumed he meant for IRL due to location of post.. My bad
  15. 2500 PostCount.

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