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  1. Near-Reality Staff Updates | October 2nd, 2019

    Unfortunate to see these go, and congratulations to those promoted!
  2. First of all, I'd like to apologize for the delay in this announcement. Unfortunately, not everyone seemed to understand the whole point of this competition, so only two winners have been chosen. However! 1st place will instead receive Infernal Cape and 5B. Second place will remain the same. The winners of the competition are as follows: 1. @Hermoine 2. @Posin Congratulations!
  3. Screen Capture Competition!

    Before you make such silly comments you should ask where the rewards come from, as they will be coming from my personal gains; nothing will be spawned in this instance.
  4. Rules 1. Only post one thread per account 2. Don't post replies to your thread, simply update your post with more images as you add them. You should only post images on your thread, nothing else. 3. Get creative! Guidance Upload a picture onto a file-sharing site is recommended, and then copy and paste the URL and the photo should display automatically. If this does not work please put the URL in between image tags such as: [ IMG ]Image URL[ / IMG] (without the spaces).
  5. Screen Capture Competition!

    Greetings Near-Reality! We have decided to run a little community event, of which everyone can get involved! We want YOU to submit your favourite screen-grabs of your Near-Reality experience for a chance to win some brilliant prizes. The top 20 submissions* will receive 100M NRGP each, however; the best 3 submissions will receive the following: 1. Infernal Cape 2. 10B NRGP 3. 5B NRGP Feel free to submit your screen-grabs HERE. Competition closes on the 09/20/2019 at 5PM EST. Any submissions after the deadline will not be accepted. Good Luck! - NR Staff Team * These submissions may be used as future promotional material ** Please note these screen-grabs need to be showing features of the server to be accepted as any form of submission, we are not necessarily after your progression pictures - thanks **
  6. Where you at Kevin?

    I smell the smoke from this burn all the way from over here! #harrison4lyf
  7. Where you at Kevin?

    w0ah flex
  8. Where you at 1hitncya?

    This has to be fake!!
  9. Gank's bank / acc progress

    Very nice, keep it up good sir!
  10. Near-Reality Staff Updates | August 9th, 2019

    Thanks everyone and a huge congratulations to Aussie and welcome back boys
  11. Game Updates | 7th August 2019

    Thanks dread
  12. Low FPS Resolution

    How to resolve poor FPS on Near-Reality In the near-reality launcher folder with the client, edit the run.bat file in notepad and change it to the following: @echo off title Near-Reality Javaw -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -jar launcher.jar Save run.bat and run. Or if you're not comfortable with editing the .bat file yourself, download the fixed launcher here: Enjoy
  13. Buying Smouldering Stone

  14. The future is looking bright, can't wait for these.

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