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    passing it along
  2. bandos drop suggestion

    +1 lol seeing unnoted makes me sad
  3. Please add this back in game

    -1 for plunger back ingame
  4. Kinda curious...

    I joined feb 2011

    Count me in. Ur all dead
  6. Iku sat

    Guy never learns
  7. Iku sat

  8. Various Suggestions

    About the comp cape, I don’t think it’s hard enough. I’ll do even further and say I don’t think most things are hard enough to obtain. I like to do things worth grinding for, I like to see people have goals that take dozens and dozens of hours to complete. Once you hit comp and end game what more is there to do? It’s always nice to be striving for things and setting harder goals.
  9. Star

    id like to see this happen no point in having to wait around for it to be finished
  10. Multiple Skill Pets

    I wouldn't mind if it turned into a certain amount of rare frags but -1 for the other ideas
  11. 10k kc

    Nice! Good luck on tds brother
  12. ShadyLemonFX Sigs

    Render: FlintSecondary Text:Main Color(s): BlueSecondary Color(s): Gray/blackSize: (If left blank I will default it to 350 x 150)
  13. Weekend Events - Jan 17th 2020

    P0g events!
  14. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    I can’t comment on the coding side, but I want you to know suggestions aren’t going unseen. There is a huge spreadsheet made with all of the reasonable suggestions on them for us to go through and see what we want to get pushed next. Thank you for caring enough still to make this thread =]

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