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  1. Account Security Giveaway!

    I been big safe since the beginning.
  2. PVMing is dead

    I gotta say it seems better with lower rates to get stuff, I enjoy pvming and having to actually grind for it is fun. There aren't any drops that make u a ton of money though. But again, it's probably for the best, had max everything pre-reset and nothing to go for.
  3. RDI QoL Suggestions

    rather see safespots removed than added. don't add the wildy bosses. ore smelting without coal is an LDI thing. adding the anvil shouldn't be too hard and I asked about the spellbook and pray altar before as ::di and ::die have them but ::rdi doesn't
  4. Thok Giveaway Winner!

    Teaser gives away too much info, can easily tell that jail is being upgraded from 3 cages to 4 cages
  5. QoL Poll

    I'm not sure about the pet benefits. It'd be nice I guess as I just have mine sitting in the bank but, it really depends on what benefits they'd bring. Nothing super OP pls
  6. PvP Poll

    I'd like to see some team pvp events or something, we all know I really suck at pvp so it seems like the perfect way to get carried
  7. PvM Poll

    I'm excited to see what you guys come up with for this raid. As for the slayer rework, I'm one of the people that's got 2B slayer xp so I am no longer slaying for xp, the rewards in the slay shop aren't really worth grinding slay points for so basically all I can do is try and get cerb and vork tasks. So not sure what a rework would look like but yes pls
  8. Pet Benefits

    how would it work, you unlock the perk on pet drop? or only when it’s following you?
  9. Growing Pains and Plans

    I mean, the comp cape versions better be the requirement or comp cape will be a completely useless achievement lol
  10. Selling Transfer Device

    PM ingame works best
  11. Suggestions all around

    Even though I personally stay out of the wilderness, I do think it needs some new NPCs, dropping items that aren’t found anywhere else. So that there is no alternative to kill it in a safe zone. Nezi’s are in a safe zone atm dropping godbows at 1:4k, don’t know if they could make it so the wildy ones have a much better drop rate on them. As for the LDI suggestions I would also like to see some perks outside of the island, on the old NR RDI’s had unlim pray outside of the wildy and I don’t see it being too OP as I can presonally kill and entire WB with pray on and never use a pot. The infinite pot I’m not sure about, if that would mean staying at 124 range after drinking 1 extr range for example that could be a bit much.
  12. Remove/Severly Nerf Zbow

    nerf for pvp, yes, which is being done soon
  13. Buying pins 07

    Buying pins for 07 pm me ingame
  14. Magic Chest counter

    I'd like that
  15. Donor island PvM

    I support the more spawns, LDI is basically people camping avatars and phoenix, the rest of the npcs there rarely ever have people killing them.

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