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  1. All looks good! Excited for the new stuff
  2. Price Check Guide

    Got loads on with work this week, only check the forums on my phone so I couldn’t do much until the weekend
  3. Price Check Guide

    You probably need to categorise the items. This list is awful to look at. also elite void isn’t tradeable so you can remove that. if I get some time over the weekend I can reformat all the info you have item sub lists etc
  4. what do we need more of

    camping monsters = ruined eco.
  5. what do we need more of

    the donate to ::die or ::rdi Creating enough monsters to be constantly camped helps nobody
  6. what do we need more of

    minus the jungle wyrms, the rest theres plenty of in the wilderness..
  7. Updated Price Guide

    Yeah. I felt that too, I’ll be keeping it up to date with as many items as I can, and with input from others
  8. Updated Price Guide

    I’ve removed the prices of godbows atm. Doesn’t look like there’s a clear price on them yet
  9. Updated Price Guide

    Updated Left them blank for now, thank you Updated
  10. New Weapon Similar to Arklight

    New weapon similar to Arklight which is only benefits to use when you’re on task for slayer. will expand further when I get home
  11. Updated Price Guide

    Weapons Lime Whip - 2B Lava Whip - 800m Ags - 400m D Claws - 400m ACB - 1.5B Blowpipe - 3.5b VLS - 500m Stat Hammer - ??? Godbows Sara - ?? Zammy - ?? Bandos - ?? Armadyl - ?? Chaotics Rapier - 150m Cbow - 150m Longsword - 100m Staff - 100m Armour Vesta - 2b Morrigans - 1b Statius - 700m Zuriels - 1b Bandos - 400m Gano - 3b D Kite - 1.5b Please fill out the below template if you wish to add/update any prices. I will update this thread every day. —————————————— Item Category: Amour/Weapons/Rares Item Name: Current Price: ——————————————-
  12. man i miss old nr

    Good times
  13. Economy, Lotto, Dicing

    Great ideas tbh, especially the e lots making items untradeable

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