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  1. wow ok.................

    Lol do you assume cos your a YouTube kid people will just give ya special treatment Moron/10
  2. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    Who r u the greatest? The greatest what exactly? what is so great and why is it you? are you the greatest at something? are you aspiring to be the greatest? Greatest useless poster? pls help me
  3. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    Took the words out of my mouth, why do people think that they are some top of the food chain blessed motherfuckers when they are just as redundant as rest of us. Preech
  4. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    So you made the decision a while ago yet made a thread to have a moan? -insert b0aty saying “Laaaaater idiot” here-
  5. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    I spent time on this game harrasing people I DEMAND COMPENSATION
  6. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    Bitches be bitching. Yet another dumb af thread
  7. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    One question, why is playing a video game hard work sir?
  8. Coincidence?

    Drops bringing the real questions that needs answering lmao
  9. The next step!

    Gg waste of 1k XD (ldi wouldn’t have been OP if it wasn’t given out so easily to so many through lottery)
  10. WorldBoss Crybabies

    Meh idc all you do is die 47 times it’s quite funny while I have my feet up having a beer

    Make Gano once an hour, bring wildywyrm into the server also once an hour (still having a “beast” to kill every 30 mins) add another OP droptable and make more achievements (maybe a slayer task of Gano or wyrm that’s optional like zuk tasks in osrs) with great rewards too? Could be an idea thok drops in wild pls
  12. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Username: Ironmang Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): Y Do you have any hybriding experience?: Y Do you have any clan experience?: Y Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: #Bang is only one, done a lot of other servers Recruited by: 0p as fork Edit: Zander said i can say he recommended me for it
  13. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    No more chaos finatic/crazy arch at rdi? Hmmmm they were handy
  14. Selling only scythe in game

    Video of it killing things pls??

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