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  1. Keep up the good work, Will.
  2. 3 QoL suggestions

    Number 2 is intentional from my understanding. Also should be that way for various reasons. Number 1 and 3 would be nice additions.
  3. EDM Fans?

    All about those BPM's bro. Nah, I don't actually know.
  4. I hope these posts are weekly. One of the most frustrating things as a player is not knowing what's going on "behind the scenes". These blog posts are a great way to keep the community informed. Excited for the direction that Near Reality is heading towards. Good work Will + staff team.
  5. HTTPS

    @Mod Jacmob I suggested this Months ago.
  6. Near-Reality Staff Updates | July 15th, 2019

    Well deserved all around!
  7. Server is trash i quit rant.

    I can agree with you that some things are for sure "scuffed" as far as random disconnects and client issues go. The game itself is more-or-less how it should be. Things are tough to obtain and not all the gear is out a re-launch. Meaning as time goes on, there will be room for new content to be implemented. Especially with the current player base of 150+ things need to be scaled accordingly or else the eco will go to shit in a matter of weeks. With that being said, PVMing right now is basically a joke from what i've seen and heard, so hopefully that gets some re-work. I have a lot of faith in Torn and the staff team to steer NR in the right direction.
  8. Server is trash i quit rant.

    We'll be seeing yah.
  9. man i miss old nr

  10. A picture of my son and I

    Spank wishes he was that tall.
  11. Account Security Giveaway!

    np torn im big safe now
  12. Dicing Rank?

    Never heard of her.
  13. Dicing Rank?

    Well the whole point of the dice bag is so you can gamble over 1b and gamble items. Both which can't be done via waydar. I don't think the Dice rank is a necessity though.
  14. I'm looking to purchase to 07 gold via Paypal or Venmo. Price is .65/m. Post here or pm me.
  15. Why Zulrah...

    That's some really good, bad luck.

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