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  1. Just @crucio

  2. [Near] Reality Check

    Well thought out and well presented. If higher Staff isn't paying attention to this specific post they definitely should be.
  3. New Lead Developer

    Welcome, you've been useless!
  4. New Lead Developer

    Now to see if they actually get to work...
  5. Bank updates

    Bank rework would be cool, needed.
  6. Screen Capture Competition!

    Although, you were wrong. How does it not foster towards the development of the server if the media being sent will be used for promotional/advertising reasons, for the server? It actually does, since the players winning prizes are sending media to literally boost traffic, development and productivity for the server.
  7. Screen Capture Competition!

    Dishing out these fairly small prizes will do nothing negative to the server. They will be using this content as advertisement for the development and further productivity of this server (which is a great idea tbh). There have already been many underlying issues that has caused people to come and go and the eco to become inflated, so this small event will not even dent the economy. There is a Beta Tester / Bug Buster application, go fill it out if you would like the be involved in that just like everyone else who did. They are still actively finding bugs all the time and posting in the discord. With the absence of the Lead Developer it's needless to say that it has slowed with the actual server updates but bugs are still being reported and will be worked on as soon as a dedicated Developer is on staff. Here is the link to apply for Beta Tester/Bug Buster:
  8. The Future of Near-Reality

    Hopefully he's all good.
  9. blowpipe range

    No support. I've killed Zulrah over 5000 times, for the end of a phase you just switch to longrange for a single hit, super easy. Blowpipe doesn't need this, already OP for ranged.
  10. Staff not doing their jobs.

    Staff have always been like this, just shows who should and shouldn't be on the staff team.
  11. Dicing/Flower Game Hosting Rules

    best rules ever ty
  12. Jacmob's Road to Completionist Cape

    You got this, looking forward to seeing the outcome.
  13. wow ok.................

  14. Vet rank

    I'll take a Penguin
  15. Hehe

    I 'member.

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