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  1. Account Security Giveaway!

    Very nice, 2FA activated. Much protected.
  2. wow ok.................

  3. Vet rank

    I'll take a Penguin
  4. Hehe

    I 'member.

    Soon enough, cant wait.
  6. LMAO...

    I remember that feeling as a 16 year old playing Black Ops. Best COD ever right there.
  7. Beta Testing

    Applied, thanks for the heads up!
  8. PvP Tournaments

    I applied for Beta Tester, looking forward to a response.
  9. Did the staff know?

    Damn I cashed out like a day before this happened xD
  10. Slayer Helmet Guide

    Nice guide. (8/10) Could use a bit of polishing around the edges. Use rendered photos, sections for each helmet would've been nice to see, maybe a bit more color and uniformity to match the sections). I loved the use of screenshots and the few colors you added in there. You were also very in depth about stat changes and the different effects of the helmets. You were thorough and got the message across. Overall good guide. It definitely would help any players coming into the game. It's nice to see some semi good stuff on the forums, are you going to be editing the Wiki?
  11. Hello old friends

    I miss you all the time though I dont play anymore. I have some good memories with you, you bought me my first donator pin and let me hold a pink phat. Man that was years and years ago, I went by Undead Devyn. I'm sure you barely remember me and Morbid Str, we originally started the Cammy camping. You should shoot me a PM if you have FB or something.
  12. Growing Pains and Plans

    TEAM RAIDS YES Thank you Torn\Charlie and Staff.
  13. me

    Welcome back! I remember your name! Lee and I were the first people to camp at the Camelot tele spot, we would noclip into the pillars and just sit for hours. Lee was on an alt by the name of "Depressions", I didn't know it was Lee until around the time the server was closing. I would just edit the Wiki and sit in Camelot for long periods of time and then eventually it became a hotspot. Another player was also with us, he only played way back then, he went by the name of "Morbid Str". I havent talked to him in about 8-9 years. But yeah welcome back! Blast from the past :p.
  14. Welcome Chaflie!

  15. Add BIS\2nd BIS Boots

    I dont think you understood what he meant; creating Glacor Boots would make an item sink for Ragefire, Glaiven and Steadfast Boots. Which means those items would mostly leave the economy and become new items. I think this is a very realistic idea and if (when) Ultimate Boots get put into the server having a better 2nd BIS would be a good idea for everyone. That being said, these smaller boots would go up in price if these Glacor Boots came into existence so that would really be the only downside. Yeah it's inevitable that Ultimate Boots would be added to the game. Devs are doing some good work. With some advertisement we could build a pretty good playerbase.

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