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  1. Selling 89pins for 535m osrs

    This belongs in the comedy section you fucking clown
  2. Just @crucio

    the thread says only @crucio u dum dum @Slim
  3. Just @crucio

  4. [Near] Reality Check

    Cumlord Edit: I remember when I used to make threads like these in like 2016. So... Let me save you some time, and just let you know that despite mine and everyone else' attempts, nothing is going to change. You're entirely correct about the game not being able to attract and keep new players, and for the first time that I've seen during my many years here, I'm starting to see the hard trying veterans leave too. (See the most recent staff updates. Some of the guys there were some of the most hard-working members of the community for years, and even they've taken their leave. I know they've been humble about why, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.) Basically this whole thread combined TL;DR : Will doesn't give a shit, NR is dying. Also, please keep me company in the shoutbox. Thanks.
  5. Keep us in the loop?

    How about no

    Fixed your comment
  7. Server Downtime

    monkey brain make him do monkey thing ok
  8. Server Downtime

  9. ight

    ight imma head out
  10. ight

    I do the big lol
  11. Screen Capture Competition!

    The concept this thread is using is the same as when you enter giveaways on fucking facebook or shit like that where you just need to like or comment. It's for promotional purposes, which does indeed foster development of the server. They're not asking for screenshots for no reason. Use that thing you call a brain, nuthead.
  12. Screen Capture Competition!

    The word ''may'' was used because they're not guaranteeing every single screenshot submission will be used, but they MAY use the ones that are good. If they never intended to use any of the screenshots whatsoever, why would they even state they may be used? I implore you, pay better attention to detail.
  13. What are the plans right now?

  14. Cow Pet

    such a sociopath thing to say
  15. We the Players

    Npc boxing is allowed to prevent pkers from attacking you, but not allowed to prevent people from attacking said npc. This rule is relevant worldwide, not just in the wilderness. I think it's very clear what rule 33 says. If you've got a scout logged in without having entered the pin, that's not allowed, no matter the purpose. It is however allowed to escape attacks using the pin screen. Say a team chases me and I manage to get a gap by running through some trees. I then log out and log in again. Said team cannot attack me because of the pin screen. This is allowed. Hope that clears it up.

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