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  1. Game Updates 13.0.19 | 10th December 2019

    Nice to see you back, good work. Also, fps is still fucked for me.
  2. rip cayleb

    If you can't accept a d spear spec not moving people you guys need to grow up. Goes for everyone in general.
  3. Say what you have to say.

    I sometimes wonder why you always do so much to try to scam people on a video game. You are, just once every full moon, chill and fun to NH against. At other times, you're a complete fuckwad, and despite you being 20 years + of age, you still attempt to scam, trick and fuck people over for worthless pixels. I don't even play, and nor have I spoken to you in a long time, but I really really wonder why you do this. The immaturity in this, and the thread topic you just made just gives everyone an impression that you and your brother are basement dwellers, which you likely are. If I could have you banned, I would. I still remember you getting perm banned only to get unbanned after like 2 days by Torn. (Great manager, but biased at times. I'm no exception) There were plenty of good reasons for you being perm banned and there still is.
  4. First DWH ?

  5. why are d arrows 200k each?

    Why arent they 2m ea
  6. Credit Refunds & More Information

    that ain't his name
  7. Credit Refunds & More Information

    ok boomer
  8. remove bp from shop

    Remove kebab
  9. #bbe

  10. Windows launcher download guide

    Ok thanks
  11. Best pk so far?

    Imagine playing nr
  12. rare 10 hitpoints account

    Not even ironman, fukn noob.

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