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  1. love the poll booths idea. It will give the pvm community a voice cos i for one wanna see more pvm updates instead of pvp updates.
  2. I've been asking this for well over a year now. We need multiple senior staff members who live in the EU. It's kicked the active players offline with not one senior staff member active to deal with the issue. Now more than ever we should have atleast 1 high ranking staff member on at all times or atleast 1 regularly checking the game at all times. FRUSTRATING!!!
  3. Account Security Giveaway!

    np torn im big safe now
  4. Game Update 12/30/2018

    Get rid of I Hate Spots, he's the biggest bug in game.
  5. E-Kit's Suggestion

    dead content for most players ngl. im hype for the new rev weps (suggested by me might i add). Rev weps will make wildy slayer more viable & bosses like tekton and vetion will less tedious. The wilderness will be more active. pkers will be happier it's a win win. i don't understand why everyone is hyping over e-kits when only "rich" players and established pkers can benefit from them
  6. Staff Evaluation

    all staff do a wonderful job but i need to re-iterate WE NEED SOME MORE HIGH RANKING EU STAFF. I'm British and to stay up really late or get up really early for high ranking staff members to be online. ive been requesting this for weeks.
  7. Staff Evaluation

  8. E Kit Results and Another Poll

    jelly <3's hagis.

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