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  1. imagine making topics of killing pvmers on a 30 playerbased server l00000l, must never had some real competetion
  2. PVP Related Suggestions

    Yh all these suggestions were made 2 years but the devs are working big time on raids (next relaunch). Dont have high hopes on these
  3. Game Updates | 19th February 2020

    L0l just give up on raids
  4. j

    Wow 4v4 big clan fights and big lewts ! Cringey
  5. ,

    Imagine starting a clan drama on a server with 20 players
  6. Elysian pk

    Nice pk dude

    This wont revive the wildy
  8. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    Omg this update def gonna make the wildy active !!!!,w0wzor
  9. Re-Add Diverse Items

    Bro dw raids next relaunch it will be BIG
  10. RPKs

    No pkers play this server tho gl
  11. What's up?

    Welcome to shit reality; place wich jacnerd opens when he runs out of $$
  12. Player Base Enhancement Program

    Tbh i dont get u guys who think raids is gonna make ppl stay. Alot of kids who play rsps dont even ever done raids. New players who join def not gonna be able to do raids. Alot of ppl who play rsps play it for pvp. Pvp is the biggest issue. The only ppl who stay on nr are the pvmers. If u ever watch runelocus u see a ton of servers with raids still some of them are pretty dead. Me and all my friends stopped playing the server bc: 1. Pvp is dead and theres to many little buggs ( pathing is fuckd, switches are scuffed, combat system feels a lil off) 2. Eco always gets pretty scuffed in a few months. 3. To many false promises from jacnerd . I love the concept of the server but the focus on pvp is never there , i can tell u theres not alot of servers who succeed as a only pvming server. Pvp uldates NEED to happen with the raids update for a long term succes ( wtf happend to elo tourneys etc wich jacnerd promissd us at relaunch)
  13. 07 near maxed med level

    Why do ppl even try to sell a 07 account on a 40 player pvm server.....
  14. Game Updates | 29th January 2020

    Man arham i feel so bad for you. Ur a hard worker and u dont deserve to be working on a shit server like this. Pls go work on another server with potential bro so ur work wont be for nothin
  15. Advertisement?

    Cmon guys just realise this is a cash grab. Shit wont ever change he had 8 relaunches to do something and every relaunch it seems to get shittier. If anyone experienced other rsps u can tell this source is a big mess. Jacmob just implements enough minor updates to keep a lil playerbase happy anx to generate a income he has no love for the server man always ignored the whole playerbase and gave out false promises. Either go play 07 or antoher rsps or just dont expect anything of the server so u wont be dissapointed

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