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  1. Just a Show of hands

    Most of the ppl ( including the owner) use this server as a quick cash grab. U can ez make a few 100m at the yearly relaunches. I would say the ppl who are still left are stakers or pvmers. Pking scene? Wich one? U mean the pvmers in the wildy?
  2. What’s new?

    Yes sir hyped for relaunch v7
  3. What’s new?

    We got our 10th future of near reality topic. Server has 40 active players. Sums it up
  4. xd

    this is u guys right now and its hilarious lmao keep crying boys
  5. xd

    lmao u talkin bout a rsps get a life
  6. Flux Weekend Pk Trip Ft. Dead Degenerates

    Lmao is that the propoganda ur feeding ur members. Cmon bro the last thing i would do IF i would pkp farm is to admit it to my rivals. The sc shows bim saying; u guys camp agility arena. So i was responding to that with; yh bc the real pkers( flux) dont go out. Meanwhile he said; you guys kill eachother alts. So it looked like i was responding to that. Very nice try gotta admit. But if thats the only " proof" u got then lmao. We legit have 10 screenies of u guys killing alts, our spy in ur clan also told us you guys are making hella alts, pkp boost and that you guys are cringe asf. A staff member caught u guys invis aswell so yh dont tell me staff is favoring us bc if they had the same proof against us they would do the same. U guys take ls on ls and trying to save urself from embarrasement with this topic. Sadly no one believes you guys
  7. Flux Weekend Pk Trip Ft. Dead Degenerates

    nice aftermath topic boys! sadly i dont see u guys on the top pkers yet. maybe next relaunch! goodluck! my boy your a noob in dh just said thanks for the loots btw
  8. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    Cmon man. Ur playing near reality. There are 30 ppl online average .. those 2 things should be enough to know that there was a high chance for a shutdown or a relaunch
  9. To everyone complaining

  10. EOC Reset.

    I mean, with this eco its not really attracting for new players. To gain more players a new rework is def needed, and without a eco reset its just gonna be harder for newer players to gain items. So i def agree with the eco reset ( even tho i lose all my items i grinded for on my iron man :p)
  11. A Player's Perspective

    100% agreed with all ur points. Really nice explanation. Someone promote this guy
  12. Man I'm happy to see this video! Nice Job!
  13. Advertisements

    Jacmob and advertising. Those 2 dont go combined history has proven.
  14. what happend?

    Thanks to the staff for explaining this, shows u guys are really busy and taking care of the server as promised kappa

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