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  1. Zenyte Shard Drop.. A Myth

    I'm not sure, but 50% drop rate bonus means 1/562.5? Since 100% drop rate INCREASE would be 1/375 200% would be 1/250 etc I'm bad at math tho, correct me if I'm wrong, curious about this
  2. drop rates

    Server should overflow with barrows items tbf, it was great back in the days at edge with all the dhers pking. Good days! But yeah visage from black dragons is 1/3.5k which is just ridiculous. It's a mid tier shield yet very very rare for it's stats
  3. How to Request a Refund

    Chill mate. plenty of people will donate for those things, just wait like 20 mins and see people using those
  4. How to Request a Refund

    Download autotalker. go ::home Set autotalker to 1 sec and say : "Dancing for stuff. free stuff plox" Dance and get rewarded like a manwhore Works every time.
  5. :(

  6. T - 3 Hours

  7. Sick! Nice collection you got there,new one to come hopefully
  8. sup

  9. Your first day?

    I shall conquer the world of NR. No monster will handle me. No man will dare to look at me. So bankstanding it is. Jokes aside, I will probably do some Slayer and DH pking if anyone will be up for that.
  10. A Proper Near-Reality

  11. 2 More Days

    I just hope I don't stake. Never ever has ended well for me.
  12. a $600 option

    Share I tbed or get reported
  13. Big Ronnie ~intro~

    Glad to have you mate!
  14. 2 More Days

    I will do Slayer all the way baby And on the main I will pk
  15. Drew Estate’s Introduction

    Who dis new phon. Welcome to the one NRPK

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