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  1. demons are my bitch

    it's just there b/c Windows 10 or whatever. I don't use Skype
  2. cya, 2nd double-drop today Demonic Gorillas General G
  3. yeh fuk u
  4. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    Cayleb said the Bandos Avatar is not being removed. Bye now.
  5. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    Bandos Avatar has a 1 hour respawn timer. Killing Bandos Avatar as a group, approximately 10 players, takes at least 20 minutes. In a few weeks, when the player surge calms and there are less LDI on at the same time, Bandos Avatar will hardly be killed at the rate it is now. It will take twice as long to kill, and LDI will be less likely to even care to kill it. You certainly won't see more than a few kills per day. I understand you feel Bandos Avatar is unfair because it is restricted to LDI only. Sorry.
  6. Relaunch information - Change of date

    Releasing after final exams are over: 10/10 great idea. Gear Presets is content that makes me want to donate (except for the fact that my donations from December 2018 and January 2019, totaling almost $500, are not being refunded - that is inexcusably foul).
  7. Relaunch Updates | 9th November 2019

    Just @crucio
  8. Relaunch Updates | 9th November 2019

    When you say "the spirit shields are now restricted to only the Corporeal beast" do you mean the spirit shields are now dropped only by the crop beast, or do mean the spirit shields' effect(s) only work against the Corp beast? Thanks for all the massive effort you both (all) have put in. Your time and productivity is appreciated.
  9. I am pleased to hear the TP will remain. Other content is looking promising, too.
  10. Trading post poll

    Apparently the poll has closed a few days earlier than the time specified, but for the record: my vote is no. The only valid Pro listed, in my opinion, is the bug/item dupe. The others merely impose restrictions on a free economy (such type of restrictions I do not support). While I have voiced concerns over TP abuse by the "apparent" selling of bulk skilling items for tokens, it seems a solution has been created and can reasonably be implemented to negate such a concern. The Con of most concern is that we would be the only server without a TP/GE. Not only would this be true should the TP be removed, but it will be yet another feature this server does not have compared to the industry standard.
  11. NEEDED updates.

    You're comparing apples and oranges, and saying "that because this one tastes the best, the other cannot at all be said to taste good." Whereas the issue at hand was whether cash is easily accessible in-game, and, then, developed into whether Hope Devs are a good "moneymaker" considered by "gp/hour" and their supply drops. I believe you're missing much-needed context from earlier posts in the thread. I used Hope Devs, as one of three examples, to show that cash is indeed easily accessible in-game. There, being concerned with cash drops only, item drops had no bearing. Note the second example I provided, Revs. Then, addressing the latter issue noted above, I calculated Hope Dev's cash drops combined with their supply drops (though I only included lamps, despite the many other items they drop), to prove that Hope Devs are indeed a "good moneymaker" by "gp/hour" and their item/supply drop(s). That revs are the best moneymaker does not preclude Hope Devs from being a "good moneymaker" - especially since they are indeed one of the better "gp/hour moneymakers" (not concerned with items). And yes, you are correct that it would take "DAYS" to achieve - and rightfully so it should. There is no good reason that it should be easy to make BILLIONS in less than a single day by numerous, easily accessible means. That is to say revs come with the intrinsic danger of PKers and so their income/hour is moreso justified. However, a player's concern of this danger while at revs is drastically mitigated by the fact that this server has an extremely small player base (it is common for < 4 people to be in the whole wilderness at any given time).
  12. NEEDED updates.

    The 30-day-estimate example is not an estimate of actual loot achievable by killing Hope Devs; it is an example of the preceding paragraph's "otherwise" scenario.
  13. NEEDED updates.

    What the fuck is going on with my quote function.. sorry guys
  14. NEEDED updates.

    Hope Devs drop Antique Lamps at a 1/25 drop rate, 25M at a 1/25 drop rate, 100M at a 1/250 drop rate. Adjusting for available drop rate increases [assume an average of 25%, by a player killing them on DI], those rates become 1/20 and 1/200, respectively. Note: for RDI that rate is almost surely 45%, because almost every RDI has a ROW + Drop Rate Pin. I am able to kill a Hope Dev in 20 seconds using max range, and < 30 seconds using max melee. To impart fairness to players without high-level gear (though many have high-level gear), I'll adjust, by doubling those times, to 40 seconds and 60 seconds per kill. 1 hour / Kill Time = 60-75 kills per hour. Assuming the drop rates hold (objective standard), a player should see a 1/20 drop rate occur approximately three to four times in an hour. Let us assume the lower potential value of drops here: three 25M drops and one Lamp drop (easily sold for 35-40M, and we know Momoe has paid 50M per). A player is looking at 115M per hour, without consideration to the likelihood of receiving a 250M drop at some point over the course of hours. Extending this logic reasons that over the course of three hours a player is then, too, likely to receive at least one 100M cash drop. Hour 1 = 115M + Hour 2 = 115M + Hour 3 = 185M [115M/hour plus a 100M drop, then minus a 25M drop as a consequence of receiving the tertiary drop (100M) instead] Average loot over 3 hours = 415M That seems like a fair ("good") amount of gp/hour, making them a good moneymaker. Otherwise, were that to be a higher average amount per hour, we are likely looking at an extremely unstable economy. Ex: 3 hours/day = 1B/day, expanded over a month, provides 30B a month per player. Surely within two weeks that same player could, then, with the 15B they've by now acquired, buy better gear and increase their kills per hour. Congratulations, within one month you've acquired BIS gear! TL;DR - Hope Devs are a good moneymaker, but people just do not take advantage of the opportunity. We still have the marginal utility and marginal value issue, as earlier noted.
  15. Near-Reality 2.0 - Important Information

    +1 to you for introducing a cool, new concept to me.

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