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  1. [Near] Reality Check

    new COD comes out soon tho
  2. [Near] Reality Check

    At least you logged in and commented, still better than what we've gotten from Will.
  3. [Near] Reality Check

    Thanks; for the good and welfare of NR.
  4. I. Purpose (A). The purpose of this post is to articulate the vicissitudes befell upon the players; and, eventually, begin a logged, general discussion of remedies. Regaining status as a top server requires the accretion of many smaller remedies. (B). I do not mean this to be a vitriolic polemic, but I want to see this server succeed and perhaps this may ameliorate our current state. (C). To discuss the content poll(s). (C)(1). The question presented is "What content would you expect to be released first?" (C)(1)(a). The answer: None. I expect the content already in the game to be fixed and in proper working order before new content is released (with the exception of Nex, because this should have been reintroduced months ago; if at all even removed to begin with). If you read only one section, let it be Section IV. II. General Issues (A). Lack of Updates/Bug Fixes (A)(1). Today is October 4, 2019. The last Game Update was August 19, 2019. (B). Persistent Lag (B)(1). Within the last few weeks, there were abhorrent lag issues persisting for multiple days, with little to no communication as to when a correction was to be expected or would occur. Eventually, days later, the lag was corrected by a server reset. (C). NPC Spawn Glitches (C)(1). Within the last couple of days, there have been multiple NPCs across the server that glitched out and would not respawn after being killed. This, still, has neither been fixed nor NPCs been respawned (i.e., Penance Queen, and Ice Queen, on ::die; there are likely others, too). (D). Whatever This Is? (D)(1). At some point in time a major issue was that Dread (developer) went MIA, and in some unfathomable manner this new developer, whatever he was working on or had access to, "restricted" others from modifying the code or making changes to the server. (E). Testing Issues (E)(1). We have been promised changes and updates, but first they must be tested. HOWEVER, there is NOW an issue with the "host of the test server" and so none of these updates are actually happening for, what I can only imagine to be, at least another week. (F). [Illogical] Construction (F)(1). For many versions, spanning multiple years, construction was a fully-functional skill. What the fuck happened that it is so broken, and you cannot fix it or reimplement it? (F)(2). This is only one particular reason why I believe this version of NR to actually be some second-rate knockoff version purchased and used in place and stead of the original, real and improved, coding (which seems to be permanently lost). (G). Glitched Drops/Loot (G)(1). Where the drops/loot from NPCs or Players glitches on the Ground Item Overlay to show doubles of everything dropped: this has been a problem for months, and still has not been fixed. What is going on here? (H). Pathing (H)(1). Pathing, particularly in the wilderness, is extremely fucked. And on RDI, too. (I). Rare Fragment Shop (I)(1). This has not been updated or changed since release. It was meant to be changed frequently (each week, two weeks?). This is a clear and obvious sign of 0 fucks given. (J). LDI is STILL "Under Maintenance" (J)(1). This has been going on for three months. Just remove the damn message that pops up when we teleport to LDI. It's almost as annoying as having been told LDI is being revamped for three months, but only one thing has changed... (J)(2). Thanks for Slash Bash. Useless NPC, with useless drops; notwithstanding the Rare Fragment Shop as mentioned in (I). (K). All Else (K)(1). There are many more things similar to the above.. but I'm sure you're getting my point. III. Near Fallacy of Reality (A). Return of Nex. (A)(1). After having released the "new" Near-Reality v13, which only deprived players of this and other content, we are now getting an "update" with "new" content: Nex. Except that this is not new content, and is not a new update, but a complete fallacy. Surely a ploy if I've ever seen one. (A)(2). You know how dogs always get excited when their owner returns, even if the owner only left for a few minutes? That's because dogs have a minimal perception of time. We are not dogs. Returning Nex isn't exciting. IV. "Content Poll" - Thread 30114 (A). Raids (A)(1). Please stop trying to implement new content when the content already in-game is completely broken and constantly glitching. The entire player base has left the server because the general issues (above) are so prevalent and there has been no sign that a single fuck is even given to fixing them. (A)(2). Most of the players on this server, those who have stuck around up until this point, are RDI or LDI. Inductive reasoning provides a clear and obvious conclusion: there is a problem with acquiring new players, and retaining players who are not otherwise already invested in and anchored by an upper-tier donator status. If your induction is astray, use the issues listed above. (B). Ganodermic Behemoth (B)(1)-(2). I reiterate (A)(1)-(2) as above. (B)(3). Why would you introduce a new mega-boss after already having removed a different mega-boss (Bandos Avatar)? What is the purpose to replace one mega-boss with a different one? Illogical. (B)(4). This will not magically save the server or ameliorate the problems causing the player base to die. (C). Bloodlust Season One (C)(1)-(2). I reiterate (A)(1)-(2) as above. (C)(3). I reiterate (B)(4) as above. (C)(4). For what reason would we want Bloodlust to take place when the wilderness and PKing are more broken and empty than the logic of introducing a new mega-boss after having removed a different mega-boss? (D). Wilderness Expansion (D)(1). For the love of fucking everything good in the world, please DO NOT expand wilderness when there are only five fucking players in it as is. This does not solve any problems. It will only introduce a larger area for content to get fucked up in. (D)(2). I reiterate (A)(1)-(2) as above. (E). PVM Update (E)(1). You can't be serious. There are multiple NPCs currently not respawning; LDI is STILL NOT FINISHED (glad we got a useless Slash Bash - it drops rare fragments, which are super useful for an empty Rare Fragment Shop); you already removed Bandos Avatar and Nex [now being reintroduced]; and yet you want to add another NPC to kill? What will this do?!
  5. Despawned Npc

    Smh.. Penance Queen on ::die has still not been respawned.
  6. Despawned Npc

    This is just ridiculous at this point. Several, specific NPCs have not respawned for over 12 hours now (and they're not going to without an external factor), and no one has even bothered to communicate to us when it may be fixed or the server restarted. You wonder why only 12 people play, and most others have stopped playing? Because you CAN'T play this server. Half the shit glitches, and things aren't fixed for days (the massive lag problem of last week).
  7. I am certain that the TSH does not provide the (2%)[?] chance to double your hit. Throughout my useage of the TSH, hundreds or thousands of attacks, this effect has not occurred a single time. I am fairly certain the TSH does not provide the 15% damage and accuracy bonus to melee, range, or mage, which is provided by the "full slayer helm" effect. Please correct me if I am wrong, but the above functions, which are common to "full slayer helms" and by extension to colored slayer helms, properly should be enabled?
  8. Full Set, Full Send

    Waste of time*
  9. Deg Armor & Weapons / Item Sink

    At no point did my original, un-edited post suggest breaking upon death. My edit was grammatical.
  10. Looks cool; useless though.
  11. Deg Armor & Weapons / Item Sink

    No, it's just that I'm just having a hard time following your logic because: (a) your organization; (b) your grammar; (c) your logic in and of itself. My suggestion (3.) said "[m]ake (deg) armor/weps rechargeable by using one or more of the non-deg armor/wep on the (deg) item." To be clear, I suggested an item sink for the non-deg (regular) armor and weapons, which are prevalent sometimes in the high hundreds or thousands, by utilizing them as the recharge function for (deg) armor/weapons. Having the (deg) armor/weapons with a drop rate of 1 in 3,000 has no bearing on the intended item sink purpose [of non-deg armor/weapons]. Though I should note, that I am fine with (deg) armor/weapons having a drop rate of 1 in 3,000; I think...
  12. Deg Armor & Weapons / Item Sink

    Not sure how point 3 is pointless, considering that the "point" is to make an item sink so we avoid hundreds and thousands of the same items after only a half-year of gameplay (and maybe avoid an entire eco/server reset, again).
  13. Deg Armor & Weapons / Item Sink

    Well guess what, that's not how I suggested it to work. And considering we are on a private, customizable server, it doesn't have to break on death if we only want it to break after X amount of time, ticks, or hits. I suppose you didn't play on NR v6-10, otherwise you wouldn't have made that comment because that's not "how it worked" back then, either.
  14. Deg Armor & Weapons / Item Sink

    Nowhere did I say or suggest this. I only said break on time, hits, or ticks; but if you're suggesting they shouldn't break on death, sure I agree.

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