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  1. Price guide-basic

    was high asf-
  2. Price guide-basic

    Quick little basic guide for new players- prices in current meta Ship tickets 1m each ( 1.5m-2m bulk) Hextech/focus sight- 500m each Ring of wealth 300-500m Ring of wealth (i)- 4-6b Glaivens/rages/steads- 200-300m each Champion scroll 700-1b Chaotic weapons 200-300m Arma/Bandos Armour- 300-400m Acb- 1.5b lava whip 750-1b Lime whip 5b --- *7 dragon kite 750-1b *3 vesta set- 1b Ags+ d claws 600m-1b Slayer helm 2b Full 3b green 3-4b black 5-6b red 20b+ teal 20b+ ush 55b+ Nomad gloves- 5-6b each Godbows- 5-10b E kit 3-4b anguish/torture- 3-4b d cape 6-10b blowpipe 12-15b cerb boots- 20b+
  3. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Username:iampluto Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory):y Do you have any hybriding experience?:y Do you have any clan experience?:y w45 deadman MOB Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?:nope just started cause of roo Recruited by:iron rahims terrorist ass

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