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  1. selling dpins 07

    all sold.
  2. selling dpins 07

    7 pins left, selling them 4m ea 07 gp
  3. ancestral bot

    sorry, sold ancestral bottoms
  4. ancestral bot

    Selling ancestral robe bottoms, looking for around approximately 15b. Pm me ingame or leave your offer here.
  5. Donor island PvM

    Idk about phoenix, but I do not support the more ldi avatar spawns. My reasoning is that if you add more avatars, its being even more camped, further decreasing the value of avernic defenders and other pk armour and weaponry. At this rate the degraded vesta and statius items become less worth than regular vesta and statius even though degraded version is better. Also flameburst defender will be indirectly decreased in value since it is worse than avernic, but the amount dropped/obtained is far less than avernics. Furthermore, avatars on ldi are safe death even if you manage to die there whereas in wilderness you are risking something, therefore you cannot bring many valuable items there thus reducing the kill time. In conclusion the high risk high reward timer is rendered pointless. P.S Bandos avatar on ldi has rendered ganodermic beast in the wilderness dead content aswell. Lately when it was semi-peak time I could solo gano beast for 45 minutes straight without interference. Although I have to admit sometimes I see Criz or Lime so crayy clear gano, but that is about it. This is not a rant, this is reality.
  6. selling dpins 07

    Selling 11 dpins for 07 gp, selling for 4,5m ea your fee, pm me ingame or leave your comment here
  7. Scorch's Introduction

    Gravedigging own post, poor Scorch
  8. Cosmetic Sale

    Can I get back my afro which I lost due to edge rushers? Pretty please
  9. black partyhat

    /sold black partyhat
  10. Buying stuff

    Buying ragefire boots, arcane stream necklace and morrigan top and bottom (regular). Pm me if im ingame or leave your offer here so we could negotiate the price
  11. black partyhat

  12. black partyhat

    Selling black partyhat. Please leave your offers here or pm me ingame. Selling it around 4-6b, but you are welcome to name your offer aswell.
  13. Buying lime and serp

    Buying regular lime whip and regular serpentine helmet. Paying 4,5b for lime whip and 1,5b for serpentine. /serpentine helmet bought and lime whip bought.
  14. Buying dpin, die and drop rate

    Still buying die pin, but in nrgp now.
  15. Team #Plankers


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