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  1. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    Or just re-add the world boss for everyone
  2. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    Tbh, it’s a benefit of high donators. you get what you pay for. I don’t see anything wrong with LDI having something other lower donor islands don’t have
  3. Make Dhing Great Again

    Cc help, you can say you’re dhing at edge lmfao a doorbell !? you doorknob Dh coding is busted as fuck needs more reworking then bbe owners nan
  4. #bbe

    What bow? Tf LOL
  5. Near-Reality has launched! Upcoming updates & more!

    Looting bag would be nice for wilderness content OMEGALULLUUL
  6. #bbe

    Already slapped all of you today
  7. Deg Armor & Weapons / Item Sink

    Perhaps have more then 20 pvmers playing a server
  8. We the Players

    Owner will skip this and introduce a poll for us
  9. Server Downtime

    Do you see me log in anymore ? It’s a dead server. 20 pvmers 15 are Ironman. Wow sick game & updates
  10. Server Downtime

    You’re so irrelevant it’s not even funny
  11. Cosmetic deathcape upgrades.

    Pointless update there’s a hundred things this clown can develop besides a cape
  12. Near-Reality back online!

    I mean. You’re the one that’s let the server decrease in numbers so who’s really the ignorant one here , I’ve watched numerous amounts of high donations and yet you’re MIA for months , prior to the eco reset you were a ghost still are lmfao. Empty promises and it’ll continue to be the same
  13. Near-Reality back online!

    *eventually advertise* so basically claim more donations for a few more months , minimum to no updates & then try to advertise with a 10 player database great one sir hhhhhhhh
  14. Server Downtime

    Only took a year & 180 less players

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