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  1. Imagine crying about double xp on weekends. suggestion for the iron retard, vote for double xp while you’re waiting for it to enable on weekends you brain dead cockroach
  2. Meridian epic pk lol

    Vids about as long as you retards last in the wildy when pkers are actually active dumb Venezuelan shitters
  3. Leader of Meridians?

    Nobody uses guthans, Veracs and Torags LMAO u been farming barrows , not pking Venezuelans pakis will be pakis
  4. Prayer Drain Rates - Wilderness

    To be honest . There’s more things to worry about. 1.the prices in the pk/bounty shop prices are ridiculous for the amount of pkers there is to obtain the amount to buy the items in the shop. 2. If you’re fighting a target , no player should be able to pj 3. Nerf Korasi 4. Death (repair void - infernal - lose max cape / barrows gloves ect. 5. Make teleblock disappear with relogging 6. drop money if you kill someone with untradables (max cape ; infernal ; void ect) 7. Make rev npcs regain hp like 07, people just camp that shit 8. Add wilderness count back to quest tab.
  5. Clearing The Whole Game

    L0l when the Venezuelans get caught boosting on eachother like rodents l0l pay the hydro boys

    No but I usually put spots and autistic in the same one

    Imagine putting this much effort into being a parent then a nerd on a rsps -1 , probably didn’t even help her with homework. To busy making a thread shmeeeee meeee shmoooo mooooo
  8. RPKs

    Gl on ur adventure sir
  9. Re-Add Diverse Items

    Same old shit content as always. only thing that gets updates are pvm, items get removed from shops, prices In pk-bh-ship ticket shops are ridiculous. so +1 for old items back, as well as new ones being added. USH, scythe , elder maul, also make it so you have to repair void upon dying with it via wilderness, to stop the constant preset ragging
  10. Mysterious emblem

    Pvp updates are rare on this shit server , doubt anything suggested will be implemented in game. try again next reset
  11. RPKs

    Is this a joke ? special Olympic try outs ?
  12. Infinity Boots (Kept on Death)

    Probably top 5, for the dumbest post I’ve ever read on here. infinity boots kept on death, just saying this out loud gave me corona virus you’re a fucking clown for posting this
  13. What's up?

    new phone who dis
  14. 07 near maxed med level

    20 pesos
  15. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    million different things they can add , re-work, and fix. A fucking tele tab for di?die? like come on l0l what the fuck is that.

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