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  1. Deg Armor & Weapons / Item Sink

    Perhaps have more then 20 pvmers playing a server
  2. We the Players

    Owner will skip this and introduce a poll for us
  3. Server Downtime

    Do you see me log in anymore ? It’s a dead server. 20 pvmers 15 are Ironman. Wow sick game & updates
  4. Server Downtime

    You’re so irrelevant it’s not even funny
  5. Cosmetic deathcape upgrades.

    Pointless update there’s a hundred things this clown can develop besides a cape
  6. Near-Reality back online!

    I mean. You’re the one that’s let the server decrease in numbers so who’s really the ignorant one here , I’ve watched numerous amounts of high donations and yet you’re MIA for months , prior to the eco reset you were a ghost still are lmfao. Empty promises and it’ll continue to be the same
  7. Near-Reality back online!

    *eventually advertise* so basically claim more donations for a few more months , minimum to no updates & then try to advertise with a 10 player database great one sir hhhhhhhh
  8. Server Downtime

    Only took a year & 180 less players
  9. Screen Capture Competition!

    Anyone who screen shots the players online number wins in my opinion
  10. Allow Ironman to buy Bounty Targ Teles

    what is a ironmen
  11. El chap0 out.

    taught me everything i know
  12. El chap0 out.

    Farewell boys, i've had an interesting run with this server. Up-on re-release, it was a lot of pvp-deep wildy, pking. I had an absolute ball playing while the player count lasted. I just wanted to say , its been fun, prior to eco-reset, i had the most fun on a rsps, met a lot of chill people. My time here is up, its come to being in the wildy 1-2 hours, not finding a single person, lack of commitment and all sorts has drawn my attention elsewhere, ima keep it short. Couple shout outs: 1hitncya - my og since 2012 Chompy- we had a good run lad Sweatywhip- get that acb Trippy- your clan will always be ass. 1800downed- legit a chill af dude Draco Malfoy - ups and downs, we were m8s near the end gl in the future Menomerci- worst tber ive ever seen, but you held your end. Ween - my muthafucka 4 lyfe Trippy - your clan will still be ass 2020. Rits Cracker- my mentor See ya lads, was a pleasure being a part of what could of been something. Torn Pag Phin Sld 1800 y'all were my favorite staff , love u mfers

    Only people that supports korasi staying the way it is, are dhers that cant pk, how hard is it to sit there and hit a 70+everytime, fuck outta here.

    First suggestion, have a suggestions place so it's easier to find peoples suggestions. ( if there is im a retard) 1. Korasi- nerf this shit, you can stack 120 hp, with korasi-gmaul, to over powered and abused. 2. Looting bag- It's convenient for both pvmers-pkers in the wilderness. | 3. Gano - BUff the drop table, ive rarely seen any good loots from this. 4. Introduce Elder maul already, bring that Ultimate items, slayer helm, gloves, ring ect..... 5. DANGEROUS ZONE- A certain teleport, for players that would like to risk items, without fear of protecting items. 6. Weekly discounts on donation store, like people spend cake on here , at least give them something for decent prices. 7. ::di , ::die , Rework these, they're awful. ty.
  15. PVMers That Fight Back [#ptfb]

    straight dog shit clan. LOL you all get so confused in singles. rev bots unite i guess, i'd be embarrassed to even make a post like this.

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