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  1. A Proper Near-Reality

    This will be the final nail in the coffin for me. I've played NR since 2013 and I've rarey if ever been involved in the wilderness. I could give a shit less about pking, I've always played as a chill pvmer, donate to get access to everything and just sit back and afk bosses. Get drops, sell drops, make money, and supply the pkers with their gear and weapons. That's how I've always played even now. If pvm is going to be put on the back burner, you are missing out on a huge chung of potential players. Not everyone is into pking, and with osrs being as popular as it is, I'd rather just go pk on there. You can't just appeal to one party. This is extremely irritating.
  2. Pet Benefits

    since we haven't gotten it added yet, maybe all pets have gold collection too, super easy and very benefitial
  3. osrs money making?

    @chengyang 250m for top pics 400m for bottom pics, DM me m8 Kidding staff
  4. osrs money making?

    I'm gonna start playing osrs full time again soon and I have't stayed up to date with much content, im really just looking for a consistant money maker I can do for like 1-2m an hour, anything that works on mobile? just dont want to do RC anymore lol thanks for any tips, ill post stats below
  5. The next step!

    Removing Wb, aod and aoc completely kills the value of LDI....I know you said you'd change it to our liking, but some of us have donated $1000 to get LDI and now youre taking away the two best things to kill. The entire rest of LDI is dead content, only to be used for boss tasks. The benefits\$ ratio needs to be balanced. For $1000 why shouldnt we be allowed to farm things only found in the wilderness, this server should not be soleybased on wilderness pvm. I'm all for new content to ldi, but when youre taking away the only thing the ldi's like about ldi, I can't help but thing there will be a decrease in interest. Look at the comparison between DI\DIE\RDI\LDI from our standpoint, youre asking $15,$30,$400,$1000 respectively For ::DI you get barrows bros (redundant bc ::barrows is never crowded) Miscl dragons (only killed for slayer) Torms KBD Nomad Nezicened KQ miscl slayer monsters skilling area for ::Die Nezichened (repeat) nomad (repeat) penance queen (dead content) Bulkwark (gp farm +1) plane freezer (dead content) glacors (dead) icefiend frost dragons ice wyrms Balance elemental (dead) cursebearer (dead) rammernaut (dead) ice queen (dead) skilling area For ::rdi KBD (repeat) plane freezer (repeat) curse bearer (repeat) Soul dev (rdi+ exclusive gp farm) bulwarks (repeat but good gp farm) torms (repeat) Bork GWD Bosses KQ (repeat) Chaos fanatic Crazy arch scorpia corp nomad (repeat) icefiend (repeat) all wyrms Then for ::LDI you have World boss AOD AOC Mole Phoenix bulwarks soul dev gorilla chaos ele Skilling area and that's it.....I just dont see how taking away the only 3 things killed in LDI is a good move, I know some people got LDI from lotto but I paid for it, as you know. If you want people to donate this much you need to give us benefits worth donating for. I'm sorry if this makes it seem like im bitching, but im a customer of your business and i'm simply giving feedback on the very negative (imo) changes youre pushing on the server. I'm 90% pvmer 10% pker and if i have to go into the wild to do any decent pvming, this server won't be any fun for me. /rant over
  6. Unpopular Opinion


    Ill buy bgb if youre not gonna fuck me on price
  8. Slayer

    +1 for both. Slayer needs to be more rewarding seeing as how 90% of the monsters don’t drop shit
  9. World Boss Change Suggestions

    To be fair, I get why the buff happened. The boss that drops the BIS gear should not be an easy afk boss. You should have to use pvm supplies and a team to fight it. However, hitting 80's+ is bs and no monster needs to hit that hard. The hp should come down a bit and the damage should also come down a bit. Bis melee and you still get dropped within 30 seconds if youre not eating every second. +1 for nerfing the boss (a little bit)
  10. Lr/Volcom intro

    Hey man, welcome back. I'm also a long time vet, been playing since probably 2013 or so. I knew you as Celebi my old name was q1w2e3r4t5 and Tormented lol mainly pvm'd a shit ton. I tried looking for screenshots and this is all I could find, all around mid 2015 or so. I totally forgot the eco used to be based around those tickets
  11. Donor island PvM

    You 5 no voters have no reason to not support this other than you want to control the spawns. pfft. Don't be greedy. As for the 'broken eco' it's because a select few camp there day and night never moving with max dr and keep getting drops, meanwhile new LDI's like myself can barely get in to get a kill, we all deserve the chance to kill every boss, and we're already restricted in the wilderness bc of the gank clan.
  12. Gold accumulator

    Ring of wealth (I) and the new ring I think could have a toggleable option to auto loot gold, much like the osrs ring of wealth
  13. Donor island PvM

    So as we all know, certain areas at donor island can get crowded, especially during peak times/weekends as the server grows and we get more ranks it's going to be increasingly harder to camp monsters. On ldi, theres only 2 phoenix and they die so quick 1 person can easily camp there and preventing any other LDI to also kill the boss. Same goes for bullwarks/soul devo's at RDI and some bosses like KQ at DI. In my opinion theres 3 possible fix's for this 1: more spawns, I dont see the harm in this, everytime I go to ldi at any point in the day someone is camping phoenix, and almost always the 4 avatars are taken. 2: a second world. The old NR had I believe 3 worlds at one point, (it was at least 2) plus a beta world. 3. and my favorite one, instanced bosses/zones. I recently left a server that after clicking the bossing tele, and you selected your boss it gave you the option to buy an instance with gold. Higher gp/hr boss = higher instance buy out. Nothing crazy since youre not guaranteed a drop. This would also help with Nex seeing as how again, only 1 spawn, so 1 person. And if someone in higher gear comes, rip your loot.
  14. Owning PVM

    Username: Ashen One Combat lvl: 126 Slayer lvl: 99 Have ::di or higher : LDI Drop pic(Optional): Will u respect NR rules: Yes Do u have discord: Yes

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