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  1. Game Updates 13.0.25 | 25th February 2020

    Thanks ham, you guys are really doing a great job!
  2. Combat Megathread

    I think combat in the wilderness is too accurate. Rag bolting\godbow too accurate. Dragon claws are not accurate enough Armadyl godsword is okay korasi too accurate, don't nerf it much though Deg vls\vls needs to be made more accurate I feel like defence formula needs to be better in general, seems melee and range are very accurate even if you have a high defence bonus
  3. Clearing The Whole Game

    Don't see me in there
  4. Selling High Level Oldschool Account

    Just decided I didn't want to give my account away to him, some things he did made me make that decision. Not going to go into detail about what he did. But I gave him the cash back off the account and just recovered my account. didn't scam him.
  5. Weekend events - Feb 7th - Feb 9th

    thanks for the events!
  6. Mysterious emblem

    Yeah make all tiers tradeable so you don't be banned for risk fighting them like me and l 00 t 4 lif
  7. Selling High Level Oldschool Account

    Shoot me an offer
  8. Selling High Level Oldschool Account

    Gotta protect my identity bra
  9. Looking for cash and looking for offers. Tired of playing old school and have no use for the account. I will provide you with a good amount of personal information to insure that you won't be scammed and can always contact me if anything ever happens.
  10. started with 2 pins now we here

    Nice bank

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