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  1. Once again pking has been failed

    Agreed barrows sets need to be worth more. It's so not fun pking someone for a dh set and it not being worth jack shit.
  2. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    You kids got some serious issues. I'm not going to be playing the server anymore. Made my decision awhile ago. Could give a fuck less what happens to it. You are going to act like a complete idiot because you are one. Sorry my time actually matters to me and I wanted something given back to me for all the time I had invested into this server. You can stay polluted in your head because you are one nasty person. You are not going to make it anywhere with that attitude. Stay negative Chap0, stay negative.
  3. Did the staff know?

    Yeah same ducks suck a fat goat penis
  4. Duel Arena

    100% agree. Basically just giving the pins and items back to the players who originally donated\staked them away in the first place. I want some compensation.
  5. I think we should be compensated in some way considering we were promised all these things. I had 37 pins and loads of stuff, was a completionist, pets, just everything. Very unfair and unjust to just strip everything from us and expect to want to stay. I know people who had 100's a pins and yet all the reset is going to do is give the money back to the players who originally bought them. Complete bs. Not to mention i'm almost positive the staff team knew. Giving out massive items, doing giveaways, Lucky even cashed out his ironman. We're not stupid and this is complete utter fuckery.
  6. Pin loss

    +1 total bs
  7. He was a great pet.
  8. :(

  9. Return of Artur

  10. 80 Billion GP FFA

    Spank and I both threw in 40b for a FFA.
  11. Good vid Choppa, if you need any ideas let me know.
  12. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/26 - 6/1

    #4 (i been trying to get these a pet for 2 days straight.)

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