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  1. Once again pking has been failed

    oh my as i said the original Nr had a different rewarding systen when pking which was honestly Op, well i will leave it there and watch the same shit show with a dead wildy happen once again. Btw we are in 2019 stop reffering to the 2010 one lmao. But w/e
  2. Once again pking has been failed

    i thought you were a veteran lol on will version it has been for a long amount of time when abdul was there and the launch before him and pking was amazing . people need to stop refering to the drax version srs. barrow sets used to be 50m ea at the abdul time
  3. Once again pking has been failed

    that was when nr had 2k players and you would literally get op pvp drops p2h huge amount of coins each 20 kills the times are not the same and the reward are definitely not the same but eh! let history repeat itself, now it seems like a small problem but in every Wills nr this was an issue except whrn abdul was in charge
  4. Barrows sets are not supposed to be easy to get or either sold in the donators shops. I had adressed this concern age ago, people approve but then it falls on deaf ears.. People do not PK to get pkp only, we need stuff to risk. I am extremely annoyed that everytime every relaunch this mistake is made. yup it's so fun pking when you only get dirt poor rewards, honestly yall need to learn from experience, 90% of the servers with an active pking community the barrows items are worth something. i am honestly dissapointed in the lack of thought that went there once again. When Dh sets used to be worth something the pking activity always improved but once again other than using max sets we are just getting absolute junk. im seriously tired of this oversight and it is probably already too late to fix with the ridiculous drop rate of barrows and them being sold in the shops. i thought yall had some experienced 'veteran pkers on that Un thing or whatever it is called ' geez But Anyway let watch history will repeat itself once again, yall are doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,Meh
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  6. Donations and Other News

    With this change and everything an eco reset along would be nice , The pets could be resetted the new reward could be introduced to pking and much more, wasnt there an adv camgpain soon to come?
  7. [PVP] Meet Carol!

    theses prices are too low i would rather like double the price of the new suggested items but what we need is new items to the the shop exclusive to pking. not the same old boring shitty reward at a lower price. We need - justiciar set- kodai wand- avernic- grims key- ancesralt keys added to the reward. even with theses suggestions the rewards are still terrible. we need real rewards, every server who's pvp thrived understood that here we just get med tier reward for pking
  8. PvP Poll

    back then we could risk dh since it had a monetary value but now with that drop rate barrows are worth shts, main activity was dh pking /risking, What is the point of pking when dh is worth sht before it used to be worth 80m. And also Only one account per ip should be able to attack another player in the wilderness
  9. Pet Benefits

    This really need to be added it gives a new end game content !
  10. Farewell

    you got smited irl
  11. The NR Veteran

    same lmao i didnt read
  12. Upcoming Projects

    lol alright lol
  13. Relaunch Day!

  14. The Future

    but @Mod Jacmob Many iron mens will just die to their alt account or people will transfer their items to an iron man account and then kill them or either stake to have their items back

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