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  1. Keep us in the loop?

    You're being led a stray, run a muck, bamboozled, hoodwinked all that
  2. Near-Reality back online!

    ty for efforts, but if its not EOC I dont want it
  3. New Lead Developer

    Welcome Benb! Thats awesome!
  4. PVMers That Fight Back [#ptfb]

    IGN: Kunftul Why you want to join: Fuck it why not lol not in a clan anyhow Where you have the most trouble with "PKers": Wildy Slay and Revs usually. I get stalked with alts and tbed throughout
  5. How to save nrpk... (critical post)

    I was kinda following a bit then the No staff just threw me right off
  6. Game Updates 13.0.17 | 19th August 2019

    Nice Work Ty for the efforts
  7. Bank updates

    Fuck Yes! +1000
  8. Droptables

    Was also thinking if we could possibly add something in that big empty field that Bandos Avatar used to be for LDI. Just not sure what
  9. Droptables

  10. Droptables

    Slash Bash used to have so many different cool drops and now its basically worthless to kill aside from grinding rare frags. Also, Avatars are pretty nice but i feel as though they should have something more rewarding... especially for the amount of hitpoints they have. I remember they had Vesta, Zuriel, Morri set drops and even Bloodkey drops on last release which was always cool. Maybe not those drops exactly or even at alot more rare rate. Bulwarks & Hope Devourer have bout 250 hitpoint difference but have the EXACT same drop table? Def should be looked at.
  11. Bring back Thok's Sword

    +1 Gimme my damn Thok back. Theres easily ways to balance how "Easily" it comes into game for all the cry babies
  12. Prayer Book Change Proposition

    +1 Only makes sense
  13. Game Updates | 12th August 2019

    Fuck yeah! I can finally get my infernal ty nice update!
  14. Managerial Transitions

    Congrats to Cayleb! Looking forward to the weeks coming forsure
  15. New Game Developer

    Welcome! Good looks for getting Dread some help

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