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  1. Droptables

    the 2 random bosses at rdi who lost their drops. Those 2 ugly ass things that drop coins. give them something or replace them. They are 100% useless.
  2. Broken errrrything

    thats 2 kills in 1 trip, what i would do for double zulrah spawns everyime.
  3. Vet rank LOC

    realvet stepping in. why do these people think they should get a rank that i have not received myself yet. Trust, i've been around since the beginning of time.
  4. So who's here from before 2015?

    we never leave.
  5. Moving Forward | Important Information

    i know some1 has to have the gif of it somewhere
  6. what happend?

    the same thing that always happens. It shouldn't be a surprise. One of these days things might change, But not getting my hopes up until i see the results.
  7. Game Updates | 12/14/2018

    okay start, still waiting for something to do before i show back up tho.
  8. Update Notes- 07/03/2018

    neat new ffas and lms sound great But NERFING shit back to osrs stats again????? This needs to be stopped.
  9. Vorkath - Guide + Mechanics

    nice guide, vorkath killing vorkath tho, some vorkathception
  10. Update Notes - 6/16/2018

    very nice update
  11. A General Reminder - Keeping your account safe

    Thanks for all the information. Hope everyone is smart enough to keep their accounts safe.
  12. Game Updates | 05/06/2018 | Bug Fixes

    thanks for making a post on it.
  13. Relaunch Day!

    neat, see you in a hour, Hopefully.
  14. Ironman Poll Results

    goodluck too all new ironmen that might join the server now, Now you will get the chance to compete to become the most geared ironman. And be first to get certain items.
  15. Poll 28/03/2018

    Even if they can't thats not the issue I see with leaving them not reset, its more of the new ironmen players that like to compete to get the "first" of certain items and have a feeling of accomplishment, when people have a year head start they will never feel that, and personally i don't see a single person wanting to play an ironman. Since you can't really compete with people who got a year or more head start. (and not to mention IVP talking massive shit too all new ironmen bc he would have a year headstart on items.)

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