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  1. fight pits

    Now this would be legendary
  2. New Weapon Similar to Arklight

    Agreed, PVP should be the focus for right now.
  3. Elfs on ::DI

    This was back when the avatars were also on DI were they not?
  4. 1800downed is the man!

    1800downed is always so patient
  5. Near-Reality Staff Updates | July 15th, 2019

    Y'all all deserve it, congratulations!!!
  6. 1800 downed & Paganesque

    What if I need 10k hp?
  7. [500m] Near-Reality Season One

    Here we go baby!!
  8. So who's here from before 2015?

    I played before 2015, different account and I doubt anyone would recognize my name. I was a noname player who had no idea what he was doing haha
  9. Zenyte Shard Drop.. A Myth

    I like the math haha, but man that sucks. Wish you the best of luck!
  10. Moving Forward

  11. Bounty Hunter Rework

    The purpose of this is for people who want to solely pk other players who are also pking, or possibly risk-fighting as well. PVM'ers won't go away so they will always be there to kill. That is exactly why I suggested to buff the normal pk drop table but make in inaccessible in the bounty hunter arena. Some people may prefer to risk-fight or just pk in an arena where they won't get 1-item rushed by some random noob.
  12. Bounty Hunter Rework

    I am curious, how is this practically a hunger games style minigame? Also, yes it will be a lot of work. This is, however, a large proposition of how to make the PVP system more popular within the community. It is not easy to please everyone, which is what I think the addition of this could strive towards.
  13. A picture of my son and I

  14. Fix your fucking game

    Debugging is not the easiest thing to do. You have to find where it's not working, why it's not working, and somehow come up with a way to fix it. And most likely, you will have to go through multiple iterations of the "solution" before you actually make it work like you want. In the process, you are also probably going to spring up many other bugs as well. It ain't as simple as you might think.

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