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  1. Same mistakes that killed the server

    The server is led by people who haven't properly pked or been in a serious clan in their life. Chachi, Zeroeh and Jags were all pkers and had masses of experience. They knew what it took to get an active pking focused server from the updates they did to the staff they hired. Who are these guys running the server?
  2. New Multi zoned wildy location + more

    yep, exactly what this server needs more custom shite
  3. Good old days :3

    > Old days > Has chaotic/dungeoneering shite
  4. PVMing is dead

    nrPK, if you wanna pvm go play osrs
  5. man i miss old nr

    Does make me laugh how this server claims to be NRPK though. Couldn't be any more different. Revs, skilling pets, max capes, nex shite, twisted bow etc etc. Find it very hard to see it being successful.
  6. man i miss old nr

    what the fuck is that deffo not old NR
  7. Nerf revs

    why the fuck does this game have revs in it anyway. the only thing this server has in common with the old nrpk is the name.
  8. Review of this first week


  10. Pet Benefits

    Is this even NRPK?
  11. Once again pking has been failed

    Yeah I'm talking like 10 years ago. A basic ahrims pk was absolute bank and there were no custom items in the game after the reset. Was honestly the most fun I've had on the game. Having to work hard for a hybrid kill actually felt rewarding instead of just killing someone for max mage and adding to the 100 sets you already have in your bank.
  12. Once again pking has been failed

    Completely wrong. I think it was v7 when there was a server reset and barrows was valuable and a max mage pk was actual bank loot for a fair while. This was also the same time leveling your stats also took time and not everyone was maxed.
  13. Game Updates 13.0.6 | 3rd July 2019

    Such a shame it's this new game and not what made NR as good as it was
  14. Game Updates v13.0.3 | June 26th, 2019

    Construction and dragon throwing axes? lmfao

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