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  1. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    probably cause their putting all the time in raids.
  2. @Delta782 can u say something about this?
  3. boss teleport command

    didnt know that, i think is should be changed to ::Vork
  4. boss teleport command

    hello i made a thread about this before but it got locked after it was accepted. i would like to see ::vork ::cerb if any1 else has suggestions to teleport commands post them here @Arham
  5. breaks on death

    this needs to happen, it's way to easy to pvm in wildy without risking anything. +1
  6. godbow

  7. Celestial staff value

    oh shit so you just got smited xD gf

    +1 would be really nice btw dont pk me pls
  9. Re-Add Diverse Items

    hes ironman is
  10. Mysterious emblem

  11. Pins

    ill buy 10pins 45m ur fee
  12. Double drop or xp

    more money=bigger audi for jacmob
  13. Game Updates 13.0.24 | 4th February 2020

    great updates! keep up the good work Arham
  14. Game Updates 13.0.24 | 4th February 2020

    atleast u got a heron 120m xp dry

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