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  1. Near-Reality back online!

    ^This. Content is good and tbh there aren't many bugs that I've experienced. Make NR Great Again.
  2. Boss Slayers

    Yes I got accepted just filled it out myself as an example.
  3. Boss Slayers

    Name: Hubbuhubbu0 Max/Comp Cape?: Comp cape, one with infernal and one with sara imbued cape Loadout: I usually rock some nh pking gear wildy slaying Favorite Tasks: Kraken, Nezichs, Giant Moles Blocked Tasks: Frost dragons (when they are assigned en masse, a few at a time wildy slaying is not so bad) Goals: Increase player count with some community slaying
  4. Boss Slayers

    This clan is for boss slayers. It will be for slayers who want to duo, and open to both wildy slayer and sumona slayer. Application: Name: Max/Comp Cape?: Loadout: Favorite Tasks: Blocked Tasks: Goals:
  5. Wildy Demonic Gorilla Area Sizing

    That seems like too much effort.. I mean the wildy is dead and few people around when hunting but that's a lot of effort lol..
  6. Wildy Demonic Gorilla Area Sizing

    Why do people drag them to other npcs?
  7. White Inferno Cape

    This cape is a cool idea but I agree - no more updates until there are enough people to actually enjoy them.
  8. Impossibility of Completionist Cape

    I was one of the first to get comp after the reset and I agree with Mu. It was much easier when there were 200 players online, but now, we are peaking at like 50 players, even on weekends. I've been doing nothing but pking for the past couple weeks and in that time, playing 2-3 hours per day, I got only roughly 30 kills. This loosely breaks down to one kill every half hour on average. 50 hours for this one comp task is a lot, but more than that, it sucks to roam the wildy for 2 hours without finding anyone. Email me when there are more players.
  9. We the Players

    Also this push to make this a pking server should stop. The main thing that made this server great is the balance between skilling, pvming, and pking. Keeping all elements of gameplay viable and worth while is great because you can do whatever. Honestly this might be what is driving people away because, for example, pvmers cannot simply do regular boss slayer (distinguished from wildy slayer) without being hunted down by pkers when they get a task in the wildy.
  10. We the Players

    The number one priority for this server should be advertising to attract more players. While I support these tweaks to the game, there are not enough players right now to justify making them yet. There are never more than 100 players online ever and it kinda sucks. What's the point of better slayer or better drops if there is hardly no one to actually play with? This is the best rsps by far content wise, but there aren't enough people playing and this needs to be seriously addressed. Staff up with people dedicated to getting more players. This server used to have multiple worlds running at a time and now people are quitting all the time. With barely 50 people online most times, this server cannot be sustained like this, we need more players.
  11. New Lead Developer

    The content is already fine, actually, it's great. Is there going to be a major effort to attract more players?
  12. The Future of Near-Reality

    I hope Dread is okay! I also would recommend that the budget go heavily towards advertising! This server is great, but there are not enough people who play to keep it interesting after reaching completion.
  13. Kings Of NR

    A skilling clan? I am top 10 but that fashion isn't my style. Make me an honorary member
  14. Katana Giveaway!

    I think this makes me #37
  15. Game Updates | 7th August 2019

    Thank you

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